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Easy to Check Vehicle Details Online with Vehicle History

We have a special sentiment for a new vehicle, whether it’s a car, bike, or scooty. Taking into consideration today’s scenario, many of the potential buyers are opting for a used vehicle in good shape rather than a completely new one. Every second-hand vehicle comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages.

Though we can purchase a used vehicle at a lesser price than a brand new vehicle, the task of verifying the details of second-hand automobile online is quite difficult. To make this difficult task easy, the Vehicle website was created. The website is a national repository containing the history of 20 crore vehicles from all over India. It contains a history report, capturing up to 42 different parameters involving the age of the vehicle registration details, background details, loan information, and blacklisting data.

Once you decide to buy a second-hand vehicle, it is imperative to know the validity of the fitness certificate, loan history, insurance policy, occurrence of accidents, etc. You will also get to know the number of times it was resold or whether it was blacklisted. The site is the first such online marketplace for second-hand automobiles. It’s the only trusted platform where you can get thorough information on a car’s history without spending a penny in just 10 seconds.

Vehicle history boasts of an in-built proprietary technology, which provides authentic data to a prospective buyer. It contains more than 1000 RTO’s data, over 60 lakh vehicles updated data in real time. The historic report contains all kinds of relevant information for private as well as commercial vehicles. End users can use this report for personal reference but Vehicle is liable to take a legal step in case of misuse of the report.

You will get your vehicle report on the Results page, where you can easily download the link mentioned at the ending of the procedure. A basic report is available at no cost while a premium one costs a nominal amount.

Automobiles are an integral part of our everyday life. We can only reach our destination without much hassle if we own a two wheeler or four wheeler. Whether it’s a drive to school, college, or office, our daily commute is made easy and comfortable with a car or bike. No wonder a new car is a dream but a good conditioned second-hand car is also a convenient choice. The value of a new car depreciates with time, hence it’s more economical and wise to invest your hard earned money in a used vehicle.

If you consider buying a used car or scooter, its recommended to go for a test drive. Taking suggestion from a professional car/scooter mechanic can prove handy as he can thoroughly check the parts of the vehicle and report any wear or tear. Even after detailed examination, you might skip out some vital information pertaining to the vehicle’s fitness and condition. Here, the history report comes into play as it saves you from being a victim of some fraud. You just need to insert the car or bike registration number, and the report will be ready in no time.

Details to be Checked Online

Car Owner Name

Registration Date and Registering Authority

Vehicle Age, Chassis Number Engine Number, and Fuel Type

Insurance Details

Steps To Check RC Details in Online Mode

Firstly visit the official website of Pariwahan Sewa

Next, you need to click on “Online Services” menu and select the “know your vehicle details” link

Enter the vehicle registration number, type the captcha image, and choose “Check status”

Immediately you can see the Vehicle Details in the screen in front of you

Check Vehicle Details On Mobile App

First, you need to download the mobile Application mParivahan

Post download, open the mobile app and choose RC option

Insert registration number for the vehicle

You get to see vehicle details

Why is Car Registration Important?

We are often stopped by the traffic police near the signal and asked for registration papers and other documents. The question that comes to mind is “Why is a car or scooter registration so significant? The answer is simple – Being a movable asset, if your motor vehicle is robbed by gangsters the police can trace it by using the registration details. Car or bike registration is estimated based on the car’s model, making, and age. Also, if your car is registered you’re legally allowed to use public road as it is assumed that you have paid the necessary fees and taxes.

Your vehicle’s registration is directly associated with its insurance. The car insurance policy bears your registration number, hence signifying certificate of ownership. To put it simply, Car Registration Details makes you the rightful owner of a motor vehicle and your name is entitled along with the vehicle.

The Vehicle website is India’s pioneer and only digital marketplace for purchasing and selling brand new and second-hand automobiles. With more than 65% of the online motor vehicle transactions market share, it is the largest auto portal in India. It is the one and only transactional online platform facilitating end-to-end contract between purchaser and seller. Orange Book Value, Our Full Circle Trust Score, Vehicle History, Buyer’s Protection and Eco Inspection deals with all the purchaser’s pain areas and hassles linked with the hectic process of purchasing or selling a second-hand vehicle.

The site offers the widest compilation of used motor vehicles at premium prices from authentic sellers only. Buyers interested to invest in brand new cars, scooters or bikes can also rely on the website to discover their dream motor vehicle with a pre-approved loan. It further eases the pain of buyers and sellers by offering extensive support from the Vehicle Assist team. You can dial 1800-407-070707 in order to procure free assistance in buying or selling any motor vehicle.

In the end, owning a two-wheeler or four-wheeler can either be a sweet dream or a nightmare based on steps you take to maintain it. If you intend to avail top vehicle care services, then you can just drop in at Vehicle Motor Care.

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