World NewsMeet with MeeW and Discover a New Global Job Market

Meet with MeeW and Discover a New Global Job Market

Are you looking for the job that fits you or looking for hiring someone to get finished your important tasks, here I can help you, meet with the app – MeeW. A fantastic Smartphone application that allows you to discover a completely new global job market effortlessly and efficiently with lots of opportunities. That means, there are no difficulties you have to face again to find a job or hire someone for your unfinished tasks.

Here below lets read more about this awesome job app MeeW.

MeeW – Jobs, Skills, Tasks, and Social

It’s a free Smartphone application, available for both Android and IOS, specially developed and designed help you to discover the worldwide job market to get the best. Whatever you’re looking for getting your job done you’ll find everything on this app MeeW from showcasing your skills in a CV to find work that fits you, or posting a job request to hire someone who is perfect for yourself or for your company, or trying to create a team of experts in the field as you prefer to finding volunteers & charity workers locally & globally, and much more.

With the simple intuitive user interface, a bunch of brilliant features and smart functionalities, it’ll give you the total independence and opportunities to show your skills worldwide or to get your job done by only the best professionals very quickly. An all in one job application for sure to get or to post jobs easily anytime from anywhere locally and globally.

MeeW Discover a New Global Job Market

MeeW offers for individual

  • Jobs: Quickly search & apply for jobs with a swipe locally or globally and get instant feedback. Personalize your profile & cv to get job matching based on your cv.
  • Become a tasker: Anytime offer your help with any task & earn money dealing with other users 24/7. Also, get global volunteer & charity opportunities, and offer your help with any task, job, or service.
  • People: Quickly find help for any task, job or service 24/7, hire freelancers, au-pairs & expats locally & globally for any project.
  • Social: Easily connect, Post, share, chat, build your network & address book, Create groups & events, get reviews & recommendations, and much more.

Global opportunities for expats, backpackers, au-pairs, volunteers & charity workers by integrating travelers in societies all over the globe

  • Find jobs & internships: Apply with a swipe, search locally & globally, communicate with companies, and get a contract before moving.
  • Find or offer skills: Find professional companies, deal directly with locals 24/7. Share your skills & earn money, get charity & volunteer opportunities.
  • News & events: join groups, find local news & events, share & gather knowledge, and stay connected with friends always wherever you are.

MeeW’s Ordinary offers for Companies

  • Free job ads: Free joining, unlimited free job ads, editing & control, sourcing of candidates and free brand exposure & social media ads. Get job matching algorithm, personalized company dashboard, and opportunities to reach thousands of targeted applicants.
  • Advertise on MeeW: Real-time results & data, expose your business to thousands of users and grow your business reaching a unique target audience. Also, reach potential clients, gather leads for your business or clients, redirect traffic to your website, and get access to customers all over the world.

Besides the above features and offers, MeeW has also some additional features and functionalities. like –

Boost Profile

With the boost profile, you will be among the most sought-after profiles in your area for 7 days. And, your profile will be visible several times more than not having bought boost profile.

Contact Swipe

In case, if you reach your daily limit of contact swipes, you still have the opportunity to keep staying ahead of the community by purchasing a package of extra contact swipes.

Priority Swipes

Give yourself a treat to send more priority swipes than the daily limit. Because buying more priority swipes will allow you to get in front of the queue when you are in a rush to get the job done.


Buying the premium will unlock the full potential of MeeW where you’ll get Unlimited contact swipes, the ability to undo and the famous passporting functionality that allows you to search globally for competencies, talents, skills, and personalities. To learn more visit:

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