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The Italian Manufacturing-Machine Virtuoso

BI tecnology is an Italian company that specialises in vibrating screens and iron removal systems. BI tecnology’s products can be readily applied to numerous business sectors, such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and all other subdivisions where sieving, storage and iron removal are essential parts of the production process.

BI tecnology’s assortment of Vibrating sieves & Vibratory screeners

For an example, the “VIBRATING SCREEN FOR GLAZE BI.S.V. for an optimal screening performance. It’s highly suitable for the manufacturing of Ceramics. Another vibrating sieve prime precedent is the “Mobile Unit with Electric Pumps GRC 600 800 900 1200 1500 + VAR 3-4-5-6” which can be effortlessly applied to all ceramic grinding departments, raw material preparation, chemical industries and all other lines of production where after screening it’s necessary to pump a product towards a given destination. Furthermore, Bitecnology produces and sells metal nets for industrial vibratory screeners, visit  to discover the entire product range.

Browse the wide variety of Electric Pumps

For an example, the “Centrifugal Vertical Pump for Glaze and for Abrasive and Corrosive Liquids” is suggested for the transportation of high-density abrasive and corrosive liquids through centrifugal pumping. It is very applicable to all chemical and colouring industries. Also, the “Horizontal Electric Pump Inversed Intake Direct Transmission Epo-id” is applicable to all extremely abrasive liquid-transfer processes, such as wastewater with solids in suspension, black flow water coming from steel working plants, sewage, slurry, sands, ceramic slip, etc.

Browse numerous Dissolving Units

For an example, the “Melting Unit GPS 3-4-5” can be used in steel working, food, the oenological industry and where it’s essential to quickly dissolve powders in water. On the other hand, the “Dissolving Unit with Vertical Stirrer and External Pump GSP-E” is pertinent to all aforementioned industries but can dissolve much larger quantities of solid material thanks to the combined action of the stirrer with wing propeller and horizontal centrifugal pump. In conclusion, Bitecnology is certified and approved by EUROFINS and TÜV INTERCERT, both independent certification bodies for products and systems. These two major arbiters reinforce Bitecnology’s authority and jurisdiction amongst all other machine manufacturing companies and corporations.”

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