World NewsHow AI can help you to boost eCommerce business

How AI can help you to boost eCommerce business

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept limited to movies and web development. It’s evolving lots of businesses including eCommerce. Due to AI, eCommerce businesses have emerged a lot. Considering the success of top-notch eCommerce stores around the globe, we will find AI as a core element behind their success.

The wow factor about AI based tools and systems is that they are productive and accurate. Having a look at the enterprise software applications, AI is playing a vital role to help people in decision making. Business development professionals are able to make better business strategies as AI is helping them in sales forecasting, improving customer’s satisfaction any many other departments of business.

AI based tools and systems are helping eCommerce businesses to automate their process and improve productivity. World’s top-notch eCommerce companies like, and are leveraging from AI in various ways,

Ware house Management got 1.25 billion orders in 2015 with AI powered warehouse and they were able to deliver 85% of the orders within 2 days.

Alibaba uses robots to control the operations of ware house. By the use of just 60 AI based robots, productivity has increased up-to 300%. These robots are efficient enough to carry 500 kg weight. Robots pick and drop the parcels from one point to the other without collision. (report by world economic forum)

Outfit Suggestion

Echo look is an AI based tool launched by, this tool helps the customers to choose outfit. Using this tool, customers upload their images and videos and ask for suggestions. People ask for the suggestions related to any theme and occasion. (says amazon)

Review Management uses chat-bots to tackle the support department. Chat-bots handle and process about 95% of the queries. By use of chat-bots has achieved quick response rate and increased customer’s satisfaction.

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