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5 reassuring reasons to implement a time and attendance management software

Do you feel that the employees in your organisation are increasingly becoming less and less punctual and more indisciplined? Yes?? Welcome to the majority group!

The aforementioned is a big reason in itself to start using a time and attendance software. Whether it is time theft, buddy punching, false punching, using software can set it all in place. You can easily regulate the leaves, check the completion of work hours, see overtime and pay the employee accordingly. Besides, you also don’t need to maintain timesheets, make spreadsheets etc. Using software increases productivity, cut costs, improves workflow and boosts profits ultimately.

If you are not convinced enough yet, here is why you must use one.

  • No more writing and rewriting schedules-
    Making and maintaining employee calendars can be a very muddling task. You make the whole schedule only to know in the end that the employees need certain iterations. Doesn’t that pretty much sums up the level of confusion and the time it requires? Whether you use pen-paper or basic word program, it becomes quite hectic. A time and attendance management software can automate this function. The roasters shuffle the shifts and timings. The last-minute changes can easily be accommodated.
  • No more time theft-
    One of the biggest overhead cost is that of the employees and labor. Time is money and all the workplace employers can relate to it completely. The more the time an employee will invest in his work, the more will be productivity. However, if the employees will know that no one is quite vigilant about their work hours, they will continue to do time theft. When you will start to use attendance management software, even the slightest possibility to do time theft will get eliminated altogether. The same will result in improved productivity.
  • No more extra salary credit-
    The software calculates the total working hours and pays the employees accordingly. Not just this, it makes schedules strategically to reduce the overtime cost you pay your employees. Employee rates can also be tracked and modified as per the pay period. The software also helps in improving communication, increasing transparency and reducing misunderstanding. Moreover, it also simplifies budget making and job post calculations.
  • No more uncalculated decisions-
    The attendance management software can help you make better decisions as there are several reports that can be seen. Reports related to work hours, sick leaves, earned leaves, absences etc can be seen. These reports help the employer in making calculated decisions. No decision is taken on the basis of intuition and probability. The reports also act as an alarm for the employers if there is an increase in attrition rate, leaves as it can identify the pattern

Get time and attendance management software today!
Now that you know how important it is to use time and attendance management software, you should start searching for one. We suggest you to set a budget, know your requirements (basic or advanced). Also, don’t buy the software without checking the scalability.

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