ArticleDeep Cleaning or House Cleaning: What Do You Want for Your House?

Deep Cleaning or House Cleaning: What Do You Want for Your House?

Once you plan to hire a professional cleaning service to neat up your home you might come across the words ‘deep cleaning’ emerging up when you research the internet listings for cleaning services in the area as well as in the reviews of the customer. The point is what does ‘deep cleaning actually mean? What is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning?  The point is that the scope and capacity of deep cleaning are going to be much higher than that of the regular cleaning.

If there is a festival, a special event or wedding in the family, it is better to take up deep cleaning services Delhi than to stick to the regular cleaning. Deep cleaners can give you a lot more than that of deep cleaners.  The professional deep cleaning service will reach out to every nook and cranny of the home. They would even reach out to the cleaning spaces that have not even emerged in your mind.

You should hire a deep cleaning service over regular cleaning services.

Bathrooms and washrooms

In a regular cleaning, vanity, shower area and other surfaces are going to be cleaned and disinfected. However, in a deep clean the bathroom is going to be cleaned from top to bottom encompassing grouting, tiles, taps, and shower doors and so on.  Even the top of your water geyser or heater is going to receive attention and so shall any fans or exhaust fans. Floors shall be washed and mould and fungus will be removed. Some services might also get offered to steam clean your bathroom as a final touch and at an additional charge to sanitize it totally. Certainly deep cleaning encompasses cleaning and scraping of taps and fixtures in your bathroom.

Your kitchen

Professional deep cleaning is going to encompass the wiping down of all the surfaces in the kitchen such as with a regular cleaning followed by cleaning inside your cabinets, oven, under sink areas, within the chimney, chimney filters and exhaust fans. Professional deep cleaning services is going to offer to descale kitchen sinks and also faucets along with sanitize and disinfect kitchen slabs and back-splash zones removing accrued oil and grime effectively. They would leave every conceivable surface in your kitchen spotless and sparkling. It would be like a brand new kitchen. You would find not a smidgen of spot in the kitchen. Remember if you think that your sink might get avoided in the cleaning tasks then you are wrong. These kitchen sinks will get special attention in the realm of deep cleaning service.

Living areas

Once deep cleaning your living areas, all flat surfaces is going to be dusted, waste baskets is going to  be cleared and sanitized in case you so desire. Lamps, lights and shades are going to be wiped clean or washed in case needed, floor areas are going to be vacuumed after rolling away any type of carpeting if possible.  Similarly they would also shampoo and clean the carpet. Of course they will also clean the walls and ceilings and make sure that there are no cobwebs or dusts. They would use a vacuum attachment that eradicates minute dust particles. Windows and doors will be wiped down, blinds shall get cleaned and vents or skylights might also get cleaned in case accessible. Furniture upholstery shall get vacuumed and shampooed in case the requirement arises.


So, when you look for house cleaning services Delhi, give a thought to deep cleaning too.

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