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Growing the ecommerce business multifold with seamless consumer helpdesk

Online commerce is a largely growing business for both small scale and large scale companies. As setting up an eCommerce store is simple now, the competition is high. The cut-throat competition calls for an undefeated customer experience which is essential to keep a customer loyal. Providing superior service levels across multiple channels is the key which has helped numerous online stores to scale their reach.

To ensure maximised customer support, it is essential that the helpdesk in omnichannel. The chance of missing a lead in the form of a customer query may divert the person to another brand. Therefore, it is essential to back the business with technology that is progressive and addresses the customers efficiently. Here are the primary challenges faced by every business running an eCommerce store:

  • Lack of Omnichannel Support: As essential is an omnichannel presence for marketing, equally crucial is an omnichannel presence to resolve customer queries. A customer may feel the need for assistance which on mobile, social, chat, messaging or reading through forums. Having a system that addresses the queries of the customers on the same channel closes the ticket then and there. The agents, in such cases, do not end up revolving around the preliminary set of questions while being unaware of the context of the call.
  • Higher Ticket Handling Time: Being unaware of customer history, brings the agent to ground zero to ask mundane questions. However, having a helpdesk ticketing system store all the customer data in one place helps. This is done to ensure that only relevant questions are put forward to the customer to resolve the ticket in the lowest time possible
  • Low Agent Productivity: Customer database is the repository of all customer information. Not having it integrated with helpdesk software and programmed with IVR results in improper routing to agents. This, in return results in low productivity of the agents.

To combat all the challenges in hand, deploying an all-in-one tool which is capable of integrating customer data is Ameyo. It offers customised solutions to suit every business need. The tool is flexible and cost-effective technology solution that supports the dynamic needs of the business. It enables proactive customer service by automating the operations and related service delivery processes. Businesses having Ameyo are leveraging the technology to deliver:

  • Seamless Customer Experience: The solution provides the comfort of omnichannel communication. It enables the eCommerce store to provide the support service that customers are seeking and resolve it minimum possible time. Moreover, the business can offer Live Support option to the customers to ensure secure assistance at all times.
  • Increased Agent Productivity: The agents’ work can be streamlined using the Unified Agent Desktop (UAD). This feature helps in reducing the average ticket handling time for every customer query.
  • Build Personal Touch with your Customers: Having the option to automate does not take the personal touch away. On the contrary, the customers are now able to make one-on-one relevant interactions with the agent to discuss the issues and resolve them.
  • Make Self-Service Easy: The solution also offers a live chat widget, which can be easily integrated with the eCommerce store online. This takes away the customers’ pain of calling the helpdesk number and waiting for their call to be routed to the correct executive. It works like an instant messenger where they can ask anything about the line of offerings. Moreover, it is used as a tool to engage customers by providing exclusive offers.

Several online stores have scaled their business online and will continue to do so with the help of an advanced helpdesk system like Ameyo.

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