Event Industry

Event industry has been growing for many years all over the world and it becomes the main source of income for business organizations. Approximately, business companies spent their 30% of total budget in events. Events are expensive marketing way rather than developing a new product. But companies also generating billions of dollars from events. In the just UK, business firms produce more than £45 billions of pounds from their events also in the United States companies earned more $330 billions of dollars from events other international markets such as Japan, China markets also producing money from this way. Successful event get your business beyond the sky in one day and flop event could be disaster end for your business. Companies organize events for different purposes such as, firms increase their sales and services also enhance the customer relationship in events. Business organizations arrange different type of events like business event, business meeting, company training workshop, new product launch event and grand opening event etc.

Secret of Event Success

Event becomes successful with the interaction and engagement of attendees or audience. In the past, getting some one attention was quite hard. But now after the innovation in technology, this process is relatively simple and convenient. Technology changed the face of event and business rules. Effective business strategy with technology tools became the reason of successful event. For giving the immersive event experience technology devices playing key roles. In any type of event availability of technology devices are very necessary. So your preference should be hire the technology devices such as tablet, iPad from tablet hire companies or iPad hire
companies rather than buy it and fulfil your business event needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful and dominating technology tool which companies are using widely in their events for engaging their attendees it also gives the remarkable and interactive experience to the audience. Social media could be used for many purpose like you can promote you event before the event, during the event you can interact with your attendees effectively, and also very useful with audience connectivity after the event.

Here we will discuss some social media platform which gave the immersive experience to the audience:

  • Twitter wall
  • Facebook live stream
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Twitter wall

People came to the event for discovering something new information and idea which they can’t explore by self. They want to communicate with each other in an effective way.

Twitter is a famous social platform where people share their ideas, information and knowledge with other peoples. So event organizer should make event hashtag for their event and also display the Twitter wall for attendees. Where people could be able to saw their tweets which they had shared with others during event.  People will surprise and amazed when they will see their tweets. It is highly effective method of social media to engage the attendees with you.

Facebook live stream

Facebook is another social media technology tool which is using widely all over the world. Approximately, 2 billion peoples are active Facebook users across the world. Therefore it’s became very important and valuable tool for event organizers.

Facebook could be used for live streaming in event. Through this Facebook live stream people will watch their activities live during the event. Now you can understand better what is the role of technology devices in an event? Therefore, you should provide the tablet and iPad to your every attendees, As we already discussed the companies which can’t afford it, as an alternative option they could take the tablet on rent from tablet hire
companies at a very cheap price and get the fruitful result which they want from their audience.