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What Helps Tubemate Be The Best App

Tubemate is an android app that helps people download YouTube videos on to their phones, i.e. on their memory card to watch anytime and anywhere. It is a free app that can be downloaded from third party websites on the internet. The app can also download videos from other sites like Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. As tubemate has a very easy user interface and excellent functionality, it has become quite a popular app amongst users.

How is the app used?

The app is extremely easy to use, even for people that have no special knowledge of using applications. When the app is opened up, the default site that the app is on is YouTube. The user can search for whatever type of videos they want to watch and tap on the video of their choice. When the video starts playing, a download button appears on the screen which the user must tap in order to download the video. The app gives a choice to the user to download videos in a quality of their choice. Once the user selects the video quality, the app starts to download the video.

Another thing that tubemate does is that it remembers the users searches analyses it. Based on those searches, the app provides the user with suggestions of videos that the user might like to watch or download. This gives the user some variety and is a very good feature of the app.

How are the videos downloaded?

The app divides the videos into four packets. These packets are downloaded at the same time. When all the four parts have been downloaded, the app compiles all the four parts together and the entire video is available for viewing. This s done so that the download time is a lot faster than normal. Also, this technique is makes downloading the videos quite easier than downloading the whole video at once.

What about safety? And the legality of the app?

Since this app is downloaded from the internet and not from the app store, there might be a risk of the app having a virus, a malware, or a trojan. But if the app is downloaded from a trusted website, like the official website of the app, the there is no risk what so ever with the app. It is completely safe to download and use.

Regarding the legality of downloading online videos, it might be legal in some places and in some places, it may not be legal. Another thing is that if the downloaded videos are sold for money or are plagiarized, then hose actions will definitely be considered illegal and the original owner can file lawsuits against the offender. But if the videos are used for recreational or educational purposes, then there is no harm in downloading the videos.

Video downloading apps like tubemate are useful when data connections are slow or a person is travelling to a place with no internet service. So, if you want an app that will help you download videos easily and quickly, use this app.

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