If we talk about household electronics there are two names that always pop up in our minds, Samsung and LG. Both of them have been a market leader in producing household appliances including television. They in a way have revolutionized the idiot box. From idiot to smart, TV price and pride both have just kept on getting bigger and better.

But when it comes down to choosing the best among the two cause obviously most people can have just one TV in their living room, the decision becomes difficult. What to choose? LG or Samsung? Well, what we have done here is selected the best LG LED smart TV and the best Samsung LED smart TV, price features and overall design are the variables, and now we will try to decide which one of the two is the superior.

Samsung Q90R QLED TV

On the top, we have a flagship model, the pride of Samsung, their Q90R QLED TV. It is Samsung’s top notch model with best in class features and a jaw dropping price tag. Let’s go deep into the television and find out all about its small and big features.


  • Comes in at 65” and 75” and an 82” versions with Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K resolution display.
  • Ultra Viewing Angle
  • Four times the colour resolution of Full HD display.
  • Posted by Quantum dots that enables the TV to have billions of shades of color brighten up the entire display.
  • Samsung One remote to control all that is to do about the television, from smart features to music console control and more.
  • Powered by Bixby voice, just call out Bixby and she will help you with everything just like your phone.
  • The smart home features enable multiple device control from refrigerator to lights.
  • Has the ability to connect with smart speaker, bluetooth, no wires attached.

LG C8 OLED Series

If you dream about owning the best piece of television technology, this LG TV has to be there at the top. LG C8 OLED is nothing less than a futuristic device. The OLED technology in this device is latest and the beast when it comes to display quality and resolutions.


  • AI Thinq, makes the televisions thinner than a laptop.
  • Comes in at 55” and 65” versions with 4K resolution and an Ultra HD display.
  • The Google assist is there to help you with all your queries.
  • OLED display assists the television to brighter up and dims automatically to provide the best colour display.
  • The sound is powered by Dolby atmos, the best of the best.
  • α9 Intelligent Processor

Now that we have seen what both the devices ca do, who do you think the clear winner is? In my personal opinion the far superior model is LGC8. Not because of a lot of reasons other than Google Assist which I find is much better than Bixby and I very often use voice control. Apart from that both the devices are almost equal.