Health FitnessTop 8 Injuries/Health Problems Due To Cycling

Top 8 Injuries/Health Problems Due To Cycling

Top 8 Injuries/Health Problems Due To Cycling

It has been more than two centuries we have been riding bicycles. If you want to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit, you can buy one of the Santa Cruz mountain bikes and ride several kilometers a day. It’s a full body workout. This is the reason why there are more than 80 million cyclists in the US. However, cyclists are also prone to some injuries that can be avoided. Some of the common cycling injuries or health problems are neck problems, knee injuries, pain in groin and buttocks, hand injuries and more.

These problems or injuries occur due to falling off a bike or repeated movements. Most of the times, these injuries occur when you are riding at a high speed. If you skip wearing a helmet, head trauma can be serious. Wearing a helmet is important especially for kids between the age of 9 and 15. All health problems due to poor posture can be avoided. Some injuries are difficult to avoid but you can minimize the damage. Neck, back, knee and shoulder problems occur due to incorrect posture.

Following are the top 8 cycling injuries/health problems:

Knee pain

This injury occurs due to overuse. Cleats fastened incorrectly can cause sharp pain in knees. Position cleats and saddle height correctly.

Lower back pain

When you have been in the same position and have not taken any break, this will hurt your lower back. Keep your back straight and take a break.

Achilles Tendonitis

This overuse injury causes inflammation. Put ice on swelling and take a break. Buy the right Scott bike and adjust saddle height correctly.

Muscle tightness

Sometimes hamstrings and calves are too tight. You may not notice when you are riding. However, when you are involved in some other physical activity such as exercise, you will feel the pain. Don’t overuse your muscle. Otherwise, muscle tightness will lead to tearing. Warm up before riding. Stretch your muscles. This will increase your flexibility. You can also use a foam roller.

Saddle Sores

Saddle sores occur when you have spent many hours in the saddle. It is a skin disorder caused due to friction between saddle, clothes and skin. You can avoid these rashes by wearing the right kind of clothes and adjusting the saddle height. You can also use a cream that will cure these rashes.

Foot Numbness

Foot numbness is very common among cyclists. There can be two causes of foot numbness including cold weather and improperly fit shoes. A lot of pushing due to hill riding can cause foot numbness.  Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or too narrow.

Muscle Fatigue

Give your quats some time to recover. Otherwise, lactic acid build ups will start hurting. Massage and kinesiology tape can help.

Neck pain

Muscles at the base of the skull go along the sides of the neck to the shoulders. When you ride for long and that too in the same position, these muscles bearing the weight of your head are fatigued. Find Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes that are right for you. You also need to take regular breaks from cycling.


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