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What to do if you are injured in a Car Accident?

If you are injured in an uber car accident or on the job, a uber accident lawyer is needed to file claims and settle disputes. But before obtaining a solicitor there is important information that a claimant must have to ensure the claim is settled quickly and accurately. With all injuries it is helpful to have witnesses, names, phone numbers, addresses, and related insurance companies’ information. When filing an injury claim you must be prepared to prove that the injury occurred and you actually suffered damages.

To file a claim and ensure a fair settlement

To file a claim and ensure a fair settlement the injured person must do the following:

  • Record in detail everything that happened when the accident occurred. That includes the date, time, and the parties involved. Examples of information are when, where, names of witnesses, phone numbers, and representatives of the insurance company. If work related, be sure to report to the immediate supervisor and file a report with the human resource department. Most corporations and companies are required to have worker’s insurance.
  • Seek the advice from a licensed personal injury solicitor before filing a claim to an insurance company representative.
  • Advise the company responsible for your injuries or the person who caused the accident and injury that you are going to file a claim.
  • Collect all the evidences you can after the accident. Take photographs of the scene in which the accident happened. If a car accident, it is very advisable to photograph the entire scene, injuries, and damages to the automobile. Also collect the driver’s information including the insurance carrier, driver’s license, name, number and address.
  • Insurance companies will determine who is at fault. You must prove the person or entity was the cause of your accident. This is why a personal injury solicitor is needed to ensure that your claim is settled quickly and you are compensated. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with when it comes to auto accidents if you don’t have your facts and information.

If you are in a work related accident the company should have a human resource department to answer questions and to file your claim. Sometimes a personal injury solicitor isn’t required if the company have worker’s compensation insurance to cover all employees. If that is not the case and the company refuses to assist the injured, a solicitor is the best option to assist you with receiving medical attention and to file a claim.

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