Yes, you would have calmed down on your initial levels of excitement and gone on to make a payment on your maternity wardrobe the most important point to focus would be to focus on your health along with the well – being of your baby. There are several first time mom tips and trick that you need to follow ensuring a smooth passage for your pregnancy. Studies does showcase the fact that woman who have had not had any prenatal vitamin would go on to have low birth weight babies than mothers who care for the baby.

First visit and beyond that tenure

When it is a normal pregnancy you are going to pay a visit to your health care professional every month. This would go on to continue till the 6th month of pregnancy and from the 7th and the 8th month it would be within a couple of weeks. This is going to be a weekly activity till the time labor strikes.

On the course of your first visit the doctor is going to evaluate your detailed medical history whether you have had any issues with your earlier pregnancies. You are going to be part of a full physical exam and a pelvic exam. In certain cases a doctor is going to undertake a pap test if it is due for the patient. The only difference is that there is going to be an increase in the levels of bleeding. This is one of the given pregnancy advice for first time moms. The health care provider would go on to conduct a detailed evaluation of sexually transmitted diseases. The estimated date is going to be calculated by adding 266 days to your last period. This is obviously considering the fact that you are going to have regular cycles. The doctor is going to conduct an ultrasound to form the basis of these tests.

During the course of these tests your blood pressure is going to be checked and perhaps the most important aspect is that you can heart the first heartbeat of your little one.

Prenatal tests

Once you go on to finish the first trimester and you touch the second trimester the doctor is going to suggest a variety of prenatal tests to figure out the condition of the developing baby in the womb. In case if you do not have any intention of terminating the pregnancy then you might be looking to skip them. Even though you might want the tests to be conducted so that you are emotionally prepared for the well being of your baby.

Who and to whom you are going to tell

Ideally you would want to tell each and everyone in your address book, post it in your social media profiles it is high time that you go on to relax and take a deep breath. You ought to consider the fact that the first three months work out to be the most critical and the chances of miscarriage increase at a considerable level.