Inspiring Style for Every Style Just In Time for New York Fashion Week

Inspiring Style for Every Style Just In Time for New York Fashion Week

It goes without saying that New York City is the fashion capital of the world. With a revenue of over 2 billion dollars, the industry is blooming more than ever. Undoubtedly, one of the hottest, trendiest and most anticipated events of the year being the New York Fashion Week, kicking off at the beginning of September and unravelling for two whole weeks. While the occasion allows for well-known and upcoming designers to showcase their latest creations, and VIPs and influencers to stroll around competing for best dressed case, virtually every one can celebrate.

Anyone living in New York City is aware of the glitz and glamour that pulsates everywhere you look. But not all of us, regardless of how many fashion magazines we flick through, find the time or the accessibility to stay on top of trends and build that image they always had in their head. Others simply can’t find the time to stay on top of the ever-changing season trends. Incoming solution: image consultants at your service.

A New York City image consultant is a person who following rigorous training is perfectly equipped to manage and manipulate the image of an individual, regardless of their personal taste and style. Perhaps one of the most exciting careers in the industry, people from all over the world are getting upskilled in the beautiful and intricate art of design, image and style, bridging Manhattan flair with unique personalities and aesthetic specifics.

How does an image consultant inspire style for every style?

Much like a personal stylist upgraded, a trained image consultant’s aim is to produce a 360 makeover involving everything from clothes selection according to body specifics and industry trends to hair and make-up recommendations based on facial features and the image someone wishes to project to the outside world. But this is not where their job ends. As part of an integrated approach that is meant to have long-lasting effects, the consultant is also responsible for explaining, guiding and recommending the most appropriate style choices.

The overall image and wardrobe are developed by putting the needs, goals, lifestyle, personal style and body type at the core of the entire process, moulding extensive fashion expertise and know-how to create an improved overall image and presence.

Can anyone become an image consultant?

In theory, yes. Besides a commitment to excellence and fashion, having excellent communication skills and a desire to help people improve their image, anyone wishing to become an image consultant needs to follow a specific training course that will help them build a wide range of skills. Style can be so particular and dependent on lifestyle which means that a corporate CEO will have completely different image goals than a news anchor for instance. Being able to mindfully assess every aspect of a personal appearance is the key to success and with the right training and passion, who is to say not everyone can jump on that bandwagon and become a top-notch image consultant?

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