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Interesting Mail Order Asian Brides Wedding Traditions

Marriage is one of the most important traditions for Asian brides. Their traditions are about symbolism and beauty. These traditions have been used by women across the globe on their wedding day. There are several different Asian countries including Japan, Thailand and China. Many mail order Asian brides incorporate the traditions of their country for a lovely and unforgettable wedding.

The Wedding Traditions of Japan

There are two basic kinds of marriages in Japan. The first is when two people meet, fall in love and decide to marry. The second is when the marriage has been arranged or involves mail order Asian brides. Asian brides are sometimes painted white as a symbol of their status as a maiden. They cover their heads with a tsunokakushi or a wataboshi. The tradition of Japan is to have the wedding at a Shinto shrine. The bride often wears a silk kimono with extremely detailed embroidery for the ceremony. The color of love in Japan is purple. This is the reason the bride’s kimono often depicts the vivid purple of the iris flower.

The Traditional Weddings of Thailand

The traditional wedding in Thailand is a Buddhist wedding. The couple does not make any vows or step into a temple. Asian women glory in the symbolism of their country to provide them with good luck for their marriage. The wedding traditions of Thai are often included in the wedding due to their meaning and beauty. The day begins during the early morning hours in the home of the parents of the bride. This is where the monks arrive to bless the couple. The couple remains in the home for the rituals taking place during the afternoon. The evening is for the glorious reception in either a hotel or beautiful tents.

The Importance of Red in Chinese Weddings

chinese bride wedding tradition

Red is extremely important in weddings for Asian women. The Chinese believe red is a lucky color symbolizing happiness, prosperity and love for the couple. Everything is red in a Chinese wedding including the bride’s dress, the decorations, the accessories, the invitations for the wedding and the presents. The bridal gowns are absolutely gorgeous. They are decorated with symbols of good fortune and wealth such as shimmering golden phoenixes, peonies and chrysanthemums. The groom is a striking contrast to the bride in a coat of black silk worn over a robe emblazoned with a dragon. Evil spirits are scared away from the area by a loud succession of fireworks. The Chinese do have a price for the bride dependent on the economic status of the groom. In most cases this is paid in anything from a roasted pig to money to gold jewelry. This is an important symbol the bride remains a virgin. The younger members of the family serve everyone tea while the older members provide the couple with gifts.

The Importance of the Customs

Asian women have a strong belief in the customs and traditions of their country. Incorporating them into their wedding is not only beautiful but often necessary for the bride.

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