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Want to Improve Home WiFi Performance? Check This Out

Well, in all cases a basis WiFi wireless home network can be assembled quite easily and quickly. But, user has to show their little bit of concern and patience in order to fix the issue up on their own. Still, the performance and presentation of a home network can turn down due to many reasons. On the other hand, several homeowners aren’t aware of those options that are available to maintain and preserve a network and also complete the process of IP as well.

So, what are you supposed to do know in order to improve the performance, capability, security, and stability of a wireless home network? Probably following some of the below-given steps.

  • Consider Better Location for your Device

Choosing a better location for your device (router) would be the best thing ever. In most area of your house, there are chances that you wouldn’t complete the process of your WiFi range Extender Setup. So, what are you supposed to do know? Consider moving your router in that place or area that is free from interferences of obstruction like metal appliances, electronic gadgets, baby monitors, cordless phones, treadmill, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

An easy step to fight against such issues, consider placing your router at the center of your home. Also, turn off those devices that carry the same frequency when not in use.

  • Think about to add a New Device

As everybody knows that router isn’t enough to spread its wireless range all over the house. Similarly, in that case, we suggest our valuable user switch to a range extender, wireless repeater, an addition of antennas or router, etc. All of the above, what we suggest to our users that taking your decision to select a wireless range extender, would be the best decision ever. The range extender expands the speed of the existing network without any buffering or signals breakage all over the house. For your  what you have to do:

  • Unite your router and the range extender with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Snatch your smart device and bring it in range of the extender.
  • After that, launch a web browser and in the field of the address bar type


  • In case, you found that your devices are overheated and overloaded due to some reasons, then you are not supposed to precede the process of WiFi Extender Setup.
  • Always use the latest firmware of your router.
  • Do not exceed the limit between, router, existing modem, smart device, and the range extender.
  • Always make use of well-maintained Ethernet or USB cable.
  • Do not make use of any device when you find that your electricity is fluctuating.
  • Never hide your router at back of any device, almirah or cupboard.
  • Always keep antennas of your device in straight and vertical position. If possible, provide an additional set of antennas to your router.
  • Consider Changing the Number of Your Existing WiFi Channel

In several countries, the WiFi equipment has the capability of transmitting signals on numerous unusual and dissimilar channels. So, in that case, it is very important to know that the interference on a channel of other can impact and also become a barrier in the field of the network performance of your existing WiFi. Mostly, every smart device comes with a default channel number set by the manufacturer itself. So, to facilitate with such issues consider changing the channel number to something secure and reliable, in order to fix such annoying issue on your own.

  • Deem Updating the Firmware of your Router

In the modern world of technology, wireless routers come with the feature of inbuilt programmable logic known as”Firmware”. Greatly, a firmware of a device can be improved and updated to meet and except all the upcoming challenges of the latest technologies. Moreover, an updated version of firmware is installed on the router by the maker or the service provider, and this logic is least crucial operating on the device. On the other hand, various routers offer a firmware upgrade to its valuable users to install the new version of firmware timely, to avoid the disasters like poor connectivity or signal breakage.

A new version of firmware or updating it can improve in signal connectivity, security enhancements, better reliability, etc.

  • Consider Improving the Security of your Existing Wireless Network

This is the most important that every home or network owner would prefer. Many smart devices come with the login credentials set as default by the Internet Service Provider or the maker of the device. Here, we would like to suggest our valuable users, to change the default security settings on your own. Built and create something that is reliable and difficult for anyone to hack.

Build a network name of about 8 characters, and password of about 16 characters filled with alphabets, numbers, and lack of dictionary words. As long as you create your password, it will be more difficult or an unknown source to hack.

For more assistance or help simply dial a toll-free number form your smart device and get a relevant answer and solution to any of your query.

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