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A list of common Ayurveda cold and flu remedies

Nothing causes you to be off track rather than falling sick. Once you enter the Karpha season, most of us end up suffering from cough, congestion and cold.  Ayurvedic treatment for dry cough might provide relief but you need to address the issue from its base. All of them relate to a Karpha imbalance and with Ayurveda there are many remedies associated with cough and cold.  Trust me there is no clear cut way to treat cold or cough, as it takes a toll on your immune system. The presence of cold or flu in your body reveals that you have not taken care of your body in a proper manner and all the more so during a seasonal phase.

As per Ayurveda the essence is to balance our diet systems in order to prevent the occurrence of flu or cold. Apart from the use of the best Ayurvedic cough syrup for dry cough there are a series of home remedies dealing with dry cough and cold.

Sipping in hot water on a regular basis

During every 20 minutes during the day take a sip of hot water. This is going to help your dehydrated system and allow the immunity system to flush out the toxins referred to as Ama in Ayurveda. Kapha is balanced by hot water and mucus membranes are loosened paving way for congestion.

Nasal passage is to be oiled

You can practice to oil the nasal passage. It is easy to put nasaya oil on the pinky and then nostrils can be lubricated. Your nostrils will be hydrated and this will prevent cracks. There are many nasal oils that contain herbs in the form of neem preventing anti-bacterial properties.

Chewing on ginger

Before meals you can chew ginger with salt. This would lead to the stimulation of digestive enzymes, paves way for digestion and removes all toxins from the body. Ginger would also trim down Kapha clear out the mucus and the head colds.

Proper sleep

Get into bed by 10 at night. For your body to recharge and heel itself properly sleep is the best course of action. Once you enter Pitta which is the final cycle of the day we are going to avail a second trace of energy. If we touch our bed before 10 in the night we can heel that energy towards our sleep.

Gargling with the help of salt water

Salt water eradicates the bacteria which is present in your throat.  The mucus present in your system is cleared and in 1 cup of water you need to gargle with ½ teaspoon of salt 3 times a day. This will be a perfect remedial measure to get rid from cold and cough.

To conclude considering a final move on to the spring season, the key is to be balanced. By cashing on the power of Ayurveda you can be in control of the symptoms of cold and flu, pep up your immunity levels and feel good for all around the year.

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