Easy Ways To Safe Online While At Home

Using the Internet at home has become a daily addition to your regular routine. Whether you are looking for a birthday present, searching for your next break away or just catching up on your social media feeds, the Internet can open up a lot of doors for you with very little effort needed.

But what happens when you are hacked while at home? Your fun on the cyber surf suddenly becomes a nightmare and all your details could be anywhere on the internet by now. This scenario is nothing new to many computer users around the world, but there are ways of staying safer when using the internet at home.

Be very picky

When looking for a free wifi hotspot at home or around in the local area, be incredibly picky about which one you hook up to. Connecting to the wrong wifi could mean you lose your identity in seconds. Hackers are that fast.

When looking for a free wifi connection first of all see if the conenction being offered is secure. If it isn’t stay clear. An unsecure connection could be much more liable to cyber attacks while you are using the service.

Another sign to watch out for is to see whether the description of the ‘free wifi’ states computer to computer. If it does then this is one connection you definitely want to stay well away from. This type of network is called an ad hic network which is almost certainly connected to hacker. A private network for two computers labelled ‘free wifi’ is a clever ruse hackers use to pull in innocent wifi hunters.Keep this in mind and stay away from strange looking networks.

Use a vpn

A virtual private network, also known as a vpn, will give a much safer environment to surf the internet with much lesser chance of being hacked. The vpn has many protocols and safety measures in place to keep security at peak levels throughout the duration of your session, keeping your personal data that much safer while using a wifi hotspot.

Contrary to belief, vpn services aren’t always pricey and you can find free vpn or безопасность в интернете (Internet security) services on the internet. Russian users type in компьютерная безопасность (computer security) on search engines and are confronted with lists of free providers. Although a list of different services is good, it’s still worth doing your research to make sure that the company you are looking at is legitimate.

Get installing

As well as monitoring your connection, make sure that you have all the necessary anti virus and anti malware software installed on your device. Even though you could have a good password and a safer connection, there are still many ways that hackers and cyber attackers can try and gain access to all your personal data.

One you have the appropriate software installed, stay up to date and add on any patches to help keep all your data protected.

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