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All The Soccer Training Equipment A Coach Must Have

If you are a soccer coach, you need a wide range of essential and some additional soccer training equipment. Soccer coaching equipment play an important role in the development of players and your success as a coach. So, we bring you essential and additional soccer equipment checklist. You may not need all the equipment listed in this article.

As a coach, you want to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. You don’t want to spend hours to set up and dismantle the equipment. You don’t want to carry a load of equipment in your car. However, you want to have equipment that can help you in achieving your training goals. Keep in mind that not all teams get the same type of training. Your training plan depends on the needs of the team.

Essential Soccer Training Equipment Checklist

These are must have equipment you need to coach and play properly. You cannot provide high-quality training without these pieces of equipment.


You need at least one soccer ball to practice. You should have one soccer ball per player.

Soccer Pinnies

This essential soccer equipment is required to make coaching easier for you. Pinnies are required to eliminate confusion during the training session. Soccer pinnies allow you to run a smooth training session.


If yours is an indoor facility, you need not to buy cones. However, you need cones to mark areas if you are training outside. You can use markers as well. You should think about your players, surface and portability before buying markers.

Ball Pump

Buy a reliable ball pump and have some extra needles.  

Must Have Soccer Coaching Checklist

Following are the highly recommended soccer equipment. These equipment make training sessions more fun, engaging and effective.

Soccer Goals

You can buy a wide range of soccer goals online. There are different types of goals including:

  • Portable soccer goals    
  • Pop up soccer goals
  • Indoor soccer goals
  • Futsal soccer goals
  • Small soccer goals
  • Large soccer goals

The choice of goal depends on the needs of the players. The goal should be:

  • Durable   
  • Save space
  • Quick to set up
  • Portable

Also choose a goal of the right size.

Soccer Rebounders

Soccer rebounders are becoming more and more popular. This soccer equipment helps in developing aerial ball control, trapping techniques and a lot more. Soccer rebounders allow you to mimic real-game scenario. You can change the speed of returning ball simply by changing the angle of the rebounder. So, buy at least one soccer rebounder.  

Fitness and Conditioning Coaching Equipment

The fitness level of players not only improves performance but also prevents injuries. Fitness and conditioning coaching equipment help in:  

  • Improving Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Improving Focus
  • Improving Sports Specific Skills
  • Adding Variety
  • Progressing Drills
  • Making Training Sessions More Professional

Following are the equipment you need:

  • Agility Ladders
  • Soccer Hurdles
  • Resistance Parachute for Speed Training
  • Reaction Ball
  • Soccer Agility Poles
  • Soccer Agility Rings

Additional Soccer Coaching Equipment

Following are the additional soccer equipment you can have in your facility:

  • Coach’s Whiteboard And Clipboard
  • Soccer Mannequins
  • Passing Arches

You can buy all types of soccer coaching equipment online.

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