Crack the IIT JEE exam with India’s leading learning centre – Avanti

IIT JEE Entrance Examination is one of the most competitive examinations in India for students who are aiming to become an engineer. As per facts, around 11 to 12 lakh students apply for IIT JEE Main examination every year, because of which a considerable number of students enrol themselves into different coaching centres for JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation. These coaching centres help in building a pathway for the students to get admission in any of the 23 IITs or other top colleges accepting JEE scores.

Exam preparation with the best IIT JEE coaching faculty

The race to these engineering colleges is a struggle, but not impossible. With the right guidance, you can get in your dream college. One of the top-notch coaching centres training with best IIT JEE coaching faculty for aspirants is Avanti Learning Centre.

Avanti is a blend of technology and modernity; It aims to create a classroom space where students are inspired to learn. At Avanti, the faculty invests deeply into the personal and academic growth of the students so that they exercise their minds to the fullest. The classrooms are integrated with technology that helps students study efficiently.

At Avanti, the teachers are trained to focus on every student. They conduct one-to-one sessions with the students to keep them on the right track and resolve all their doubts.

It provides the following programs for JEE preparation which are divided into three different segments:

  1. JEE Programs for Class 11
  • Two Year Integrated Course for IIT JEE
  • Two Year VSAT course IIT JEE
  • Distance Learning Program
  • Eklavya Smart Study Program
  1. IIT JEE Programs for Class 12
  • Two Year Integrated Course for IIT JEE
  • Two Year VSAT course IIT JEE
  • Distance Learning Program
  • Eklavya Smart Study Program
  1. Programs for Class 12 Pass and Droppers
  • One Year Integrated Course for IIT JEE
  • One Year VSAT course IIT JEE
  • Crash Course for IIT JEE
  • Distance Learning Program
  • Eklavya Smart Study Program

IIT JEE Coaching Program Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of JEE and Boards

The 18-hour session per week is planned with expert faculties from India’s top colleges. The programs are aligned with both the curriculum of JEE and the CBSE board. The institute provides proper study material, practice question banks, and extra doubt sessions with the faculty.

  • Regular tests with detailed reports

The programs are designed in a manner that there are around 75 chapter tests, which are conducted on a weekly basis. In addition to this, Avanti conducts 8 part tests, 12 major tests and 18 full-length tests along with the practice of previous year papers. On the basis of tests conducted at various centres, a comprehensive comparative report is generated. The report embodies a cumulative performance score evaluated on the basis of a student’s individual performance, batch performance and performance of all students across the country. The report gives a complete picture of where the student stands and the areas or subjects which require improvement.

How are the IIT JEE coaching classes structured?

  • The students are required to read and understand the concept at home from the resources provided.
  • The students have to take a quick 5-minute test when they come to the class which is a recap of the concepts taught in previous classes.
  • With the help of videos, students gain knowledge about all the key concepts of all the topics.
  • ConcepTests are taken to analyse how well did the students understand the concepts from the videos.
  • Students solve questions with different difficulty levels regularly. Students practice in class, followed by group discussions with peers, and doubt sessions with the faculty.
  • Students are made to go through the concepts of the areas they are weak in.

IIT JEE learning application

Avanti has also developed and amazing AI powered Science & Math learning app – Avanti Gurukul. The main advantage of using the learning app is that it’s smart engine suggests what a student should study based on how they have been performing. Another advantage is that students can learn and practice wherever they want to. It gives access to engaging videos for educational content. The aim is to cover the complete syllabus and concepts from Grade 9 to 12 for both CBSE board exams and JEE.

Avanti Learning Center is present in 11 states and more than 25 cities. It’s primary focus is on the overall development of the students and to add value to their knowledge with the help of best IIT JEE coaching faculty.

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