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Flush out the Toxins with These Detox Drinks

We go through tiring phases at times when deadlines are all we can think of and so we end up neglecting our health by eating a lot of junk or not eating at all. This can have a major impact on the body and to cleanse our body in order to facilitate proper functioning of the body detox drinks can be used. Detox drinks aid to reboot the system of the body and bring back a cleaner and healthier body. Holistic detox of the body can promote weight loss and also bring about significant health benefits but you can always start with these detox drinks.

  • Lemon and Honey Detox Drink

A teaspoon of Honey and half a lemon squeeze into warm water is enough to get you through the day. This is a very basic drink, consisting of easily available food items but greatly beneficial to an extent that many people consider it as a health elixir. Lemon being rich in vitamin C and Honey making up for the sugar needs of the body but without the calories of sugar, making it a remarkable substitute.

  • Orange Detox Drink

Orange being high in fibre, minerals and vitamin C (which is also known as the detox vitamin) naturally makes a fine detox ingredient. It helps in burning fat, losing weight and the antioxidants present in it bring in the anti-ageing element that can-do wonders for the skin. Orange is full of compounds like liminoids and caretenoids which are also known as the cancer fighting agent and can provide resistance against cancer of lungs, mouth and breast.

  • Cucumber and Mint Detox Drink

This is a great one for the summers and would help you battle the heat. Cucumbers not only detoxify the body but also satiate hunger and boost metabolism. On the other hand mint helps in weight loss by turning the fat into energy. So this combination is a must for weight loss and cooling down the body.

This ingredient has also piqued the interest of the researchers and what they have found is certainly not just limited to cooking and this is how you can benefit your skin, hair and health using apple cider vinegar. Our day to day activities drain us out of energy when we lose water in the form of urine and sweat. One of the symptoms of dehydration is feeling constantly tired and weak. This is why it is important to recuperate and regain the energy by drinking water. Studies have shown that even though you do not burn so many calories during the HIIT, you continue to burn even more of them throughout the day. Now this is something that is not possible with the cardio. After spending around half an hour on the treadmill, you still do not manage to burn as many calories as you could have with HIIT.

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