World NewsHow can I buy a virtual number for SMS in India?

How can I buy a virtual number for SMS in India?

Are you a business owner, and seeking a virtual mobile phone number to connect to your audience? There are many websites and applications being available in the market that can provide you with a permanent virtual number which you can use to call/send SMS/information/text to your consumers.

Today I’ll tell you, which are the famous websites that provide you with this facility and what procedure we need to follow to get a virtual mobile phone number especially in a country like India. Getting a virtual mobile phone number in India can prove to be a very difficult task. If you really want to target your audience with the help of a virtual mobile phone number, Read on.

Walkover Web Solutions, Tiploot, SMS Horizon, Hottlecom, Text nation are the various websites that would surely help you get a virtual phone number.

Here are the few following steps that you need to follow to get a virtual phone number.

  1. Go to any site, and sign up.
  2. Provide all the details, and follow the instructions that are mentioned on their website.
  3. You need to pay some money to get that no. And Congratulations! You have got your virtual phone number. Use it for whatever thing you like.

You will get a virtual phone number for OTP purpose.

You can get a virtual SMS mobile phone number from any of the service providers mentioned above. In today’s scenarioverification is needed for sites. And what better ways to impose limitations than with a phone number registration. IP address is something which can easily be changed via IP changing software.

And if you need more than one email for account or something, you can’t do it using a single phone as there is a limitation.

Ah! I know you can go out and buy a new phone and get the required message, but I suggest you to not go through such hassle and problems.

Various experts have developed various sites and applications to help individuals and organization find a virtual mobile phone number which is very important for effective communication with the users. You can also buy virtual number for SMS. As these sites provide virtual SMS number to help you send so many SMS at one time to the users. They provide the virtual number at very reasonable rate and trust me you won’t regret buying them, as it is a necessity in Today’s times. They also provide virtual phone numbers that comes with unlimited free unbound messages. They offer phone numbers in various countriesso that your business can communicate with a local identity across more markets. They also simplify complexities related to adding communication features. So if you want to buy virtual SMS number for your business just go to these sites and pay for only what you use. Acquiring phone numbers for business from telecom carriers is very expensive. Hence few of the latest sites in India, especially of Bangalore provide instantly provision phone number for virtual SMS and allow you to pay for only what you use.

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