ArticleHow To Get Home Warranty Leads From Real Estate Agents

How To Get Home Warranty Leads From Real Estate Agents

Home Warranty Leads From Real Estate Agents

The most lucrative opportunity for home warranty leads is found among new home buyers. That does not mean new as in new construction, but new as when someone purchases a single family home or condominium. That is the target market.

The truth is that many home buyers do not know about home warranties. They are not aware that such “insurance” may even be available to them. Technically its is a service contract and each company offering this product will vary in its specific coverages and costs. The critical component of home warranty lead generation is informing the prospective customer that the product exists and that it is very affordable.

In targeting this home buying category, creating web exposure in the real estate community is essential. Acquiring the mailing list of real estate offices and specifically individual agents will be a primary source of leads in that the vast majority of home buyers use real estate agent services in their home purchase. Title company representatives and escrow offices are constrained under certain laws, which somewhat inhibit their involvement in the areas of real estate services not exclusive to their function. These entities do have direct contact with buyers or sellers who may be considering the purchase of a home warranty, but this contact is quite limited compared to the relationship of an agent with their client. Often, in fact, it is the seller who pays for the service contract. Obtaining mailing lists for owners of homes on the market for sale is an excellent, direct source of leads.

In order to target, reach and engage your ideal audience, mailing lists of prospective buyers, home sellers and real estate professionals will capture the largest percentage of the home warranty sales market. Hard copy mailing from a quality mailing list is the best choice. A clear, concise, informative brochure will capture and turn more leads into sales for home warranty service contracts than any other method. Using a mailing list which targets real estate agents is targeting the people who will have the most influence on the people who will buy a warranty service contract. Go after the individual real estate agents!

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