Why should you use ERP software in India instead of Quickbooks?

The question whether to keep using Quickbooks or invest in ERP software has always been surrounding the minds of stakeholders. Because Quickbooks is legacy software, it may be preferred by you or some other companies. However, if your organization is expanding, invading a new market, there would be much more than just managing accounts and other financial transactions.

Till the time you are a startup which is not much aware of the software available, can’t invest that much of an amount, or doesn’t have so much to manage, Quickbooks would have sufficed. But, now that your business is growing, is accounting the only thing that needs automation, and planning? No!

Depending on what your company is into, there may be functions like manufacturing, planning, sales, inventory, compliance, formulation, logistics, procurement, Quality control, etc. When you are looking to manage all these through software then why not leave Quickbooks and start using ERP software in India for the better? In no way are we denying that Quickbooks is great in its own way but when you need a software that can do more than that, ERP system is the right choice.

The Major Advantage

Quickbooks is basically an accounting software that can help the businesses in managing their invoices, settle the bills and payments, purchase orders and various financial reports. Moreover, finances can also be tracked using Quickbooks easily in a few clicks anywhere, everywhere. It saves businesses from doing calculations and keeping a track of things manually. But, it still is more like a bookkeeping software that is made to handle the finance and account related needs of a business.

This is why the major difference is that of segments that software can manage. Quickbooks can manage just finance and accounts, but, ERP software can manage every department of your business. In fact, it doesn’t merely manage but also helps you in analyzing the trend and forecasting the good and the bad. It is a comprehensive software that does it all.

Other Benefits

The ounces of data that a company has, needs to be managed onto a safe place. There are numerous operational challenges and issues related to traceability, batch sizing, accuracy in reporting, scheduling, planning and being GST compliant while meeting the unforeseeable challenges. To battle all these challenges effectively, ERP software in India should be used.

When you use ERP software, you can store your data easily, use formula, manage production cycle, key insights of your business. No matter what the industry type is, retail, manufacturing, Pharma, Healthcare, trading, logistics, ERP software in India will help you meet your day-to-day challenges and processes to gain maximum benefit.

Final Takeaway

If you are still not so sure if you should use QuickBooks or ERP, you can ask any reliable ERP software vendor in India. There are many ERP partners in India, this is why it is necessary to explore the options and then select the most reliable one. So, before finalizing any ERP vendor, don’t forget to ask for references, testimonials and case studies.

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