How To Keep Your Water Purifier Sanitised?

Water is one of the essential things that help you to survive. Without water, you cannot think about doing anything, even your daily chores. In the modern day world, obtaining pure natural water for drinking or doing chores is impossible. Pollutions and dumping of waste have polluted the water sources so much that you could not drink water straight from there without purifying it first.

There are many ways nowadays by which you could drink healthy and pure water. People a few years ago used to boiled water and then cool it at room temperature to make it drinkable. Water purifiers are a recent addition which purifies water for you without you doing anything.

There are steps you have to follow accurately to keep your water purifier clean and sanitized.

  • Shut Off The Main Valve: Sanitizing and recharging your system annually is very important. When you are changing the filters or trying to clean the storage tank, you should be careful. Any fault or mistake could lead to leaks and damage to the screen or the pipe. Shut off the valve while you are doing all the work mentioned above. Thus, it would stop the flow of water, and you there would be no worry about your filter getting damaged. Eureka Forbes RO water purifier customer care number shutting off the main valve stops the pressure of water from entering the filters.
  • Empty The Storage Tank: Cleaning the storage water tank is the only way you would be sure that there would be no water leakage. Water is very precious. Therefore, when saying that you have to clean the water storage tank, it does not mean that you should let the water go to waste. Try to fill up the empty bottles that are there.
  • Remove The Filters: Removing the filters is a job that should be done with 100% attention and very carefully. One mistake could lead to consequences where instead of just cleaning them, you have to spend a more significant amount by replacing them. The sediment filter and the RO membrane are the most essential and crucial part of any modern and advanced water purifier. Eureka Forbes RO water purifier helpline number in Gurgaon RO membrane is very delicate and should be taken extra care for.
  • Cleaning Through Stage One Housing: Pour 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the stage one housing. This step is followed by reattaching all the connections to establish a secure relationship just like before. But here, the water filters would not be present. The water storage tank would then fill rapidly because no purification is taking place, and thus, it becomes a much more rapid process. If you want, you could make it run for once only.

 Eureka Forbes customer care toll free number says to let the machine continue this cycle twice or thrice to clean the inner parts of the equipment thoroughly. Then you should immediately shut off the main valve. The internal components of the water purifier without the water filters are now cleaned. The filters could now be placed again at their desired position without any problems.

The valves are then switched on or turned on. You have to keep in mind that as the water filter has been washed and cleaned; you have to discard the first batch of water. The water that fills the storage tank after you have rinsed and switched it on should be drained, and the next installment of water should be used for drinking purposes.

 What If The Water Is Hard?

Many places receive water, which is hard when compared to other sites. In cases like those, it is essential that you install a water softener. Eureka Forbes customer care number water purifier removes the minerals that make the water hard. Calcium and magnesium are those minerals. If ever you see traces of these metals there, then be assured that your water would not form lather while you are using it to wash clothes and dishes.

A water softener would address these problems and make sure that you receive water that is pure and healthy for your consumption. Hard water could make your water purifier, and the filters might get damaged if they come in contact with hard water regularly. The water softener would make sure that the salts from the water are removed before they reach the water filter.

A good water purifier would last for years if you take good care of it. Proper maintenance is very much required and essential. Changing of water filters at regular intervals is necessary; otherwise, the water you would drink would not have the right ration of minerals to that of water. Taking care of your water purifier is your responsibility. Make sure that you choose the right decision before you buy any water purifier.   

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