Prospects of a Career in Big Data

One of the best achievements of the fourth industrial revolution is the rapid progress of the digital technology. Digital transformation is the need of the hour across major economies and digital tech based solutions are making headline every day. This in turn has made it possible that we are able to create Petabytes of data every day and it is expected that within 2025 we will create 463 Exabytes of data every day. And thanks to advances in technology this amount of data will not go to the dustbin as business organizations are already exploring it to discover amazing trends and insights. This is the world of Big Data where skilled professionals use cutting edge tools to mine massive volumes of data to arrive at valuable information from which executives are able to make smart and informed decisions. Thus, a career in Big Data looks very lucrative and exciting at the same time.

Big Data is loved by all!

Big Data technology has found application across industries like manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education, sports, energy, IT and the list is limitless. Moreover, industries like e-commerce or SaaS (Software as a Service) are very much dependent on Big Data. A study by IDC shows that globally the world will spend more than 260 billion USD on big data by 2022. Even governmental organizations are hopeful in utilizing big data and some like Malaysia have already done so very successfully.

Employment opportunities!

At any given point of time there are more than a thousand big data based positions available and companies are in constant search for big data certified experts. For instance, in June, 2019 a search query in Indeed showed more than 65K big data jobs available worldwide. Skill gap is another factor which contributed to the significant rise in demand for big data experts worldwide.

Points to remember if you aim at a career in Big data!

  • Skill is the key while seeking a career in big data. If you do not have relevant skills you can always go for any of the Big data courses available today.
  • Location matters. Try to understand which economies provide an encouraging atmosphere for big data and where do you stand to gain more. Malaysia in this regard can be a great choice as it is one of the few countries with a big data initiative and the Malaysian digital economy provides a lot scope for good employment and a hefty pay package.
  • While selecting Big data courses, go for places where you will get a good industry exposure. This is essential as the greater industry exposer you get the faster you find employed in a company of your choice.
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