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How to Declutter your House before putting it on the Market?

Selling your house is a really big step and involves a lot of decisions and exploration around the housing market. It can be a tricky business and there is a need to do your research and do a few things before selling your house. Clearing out the unnecessary things will help you in bringing to light the things that you want to show. Here are a few tips on how to declutter.

  • One step at a time: Go room by room

Start with one room of your house and take it slowly. Start a bit early so you have some time at your hands. This will help in making rational decisions and you will not lose your mind for throwing a lot of things away in a day. If things are still difficult for you then you can make this step even easier by clearing out specific spaces of a room in day. For instance if you are starting with your bedroom, then just go for the closet and take out the clothes, jewellery, accessories that you do not need. The next day you can go for the cabinets, bureaus or shelves. Take it slow if you want because we know throwing things away can be a bit hard.

  • Make a list and Keep it Organised

If you like to keep things organised then it is even better. Make a list of the things that can distract the buyer’s attention from the house and can distract her and move those things away. You can start with making two lists. First one can be about the things that are simply unnecessary. Neither are they needed in the house, nor do you need them. These will be easier to clear out. Second list can include the items that are not required by the sale as they do not go with the house. For example, a study table in the bedroom or a dining table in the living room. They can look odd and distract the buyers so it will be better to move them away from the house.

  • Focus on the buyer

You will have to look at the house from the buyer’s perspective as that will be helpful in clearing things out. Narrow hallways can put some buyers off, so make sure to make them look as roomy as you can by removing photographs, hooks or artwork. Buyers would also want to look at spaces like the storage room, backyard or garage, so keep in mind to maximise the space in those areas.

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