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Common Office Chair Problems You Face

There are many different ways that people approach an office job and that is what is unique about working in an office with many different personalities. No matter how you approach the job, one thing that everyone has in common is that they have a desk and office chair where they spend most of their time every day.

Over time, these office chairs will start to have some common problems that can require repair or even replacement of specific parts or possibly the whole chair itself. Here are a few of the problems you face and how you can resolve them.

Seat Cushion

The more you use an office chair, the more it forms to your posture and sitting habits. A seat cushion should feel comfortable to you. If it is not as comfortable as it was when you first started using the chair, it may be time to get a new style of chair to achieve that comfort. There are also chairs that can have the material start to rip and tear over time, which could mean that a seat replacement is necessary.

Gas Cylinder

The gas cylinder may be the most important part of the desk chair and is one of the more common problems that people face. Office Chair Gas Cylinder Repair is very common and usually requires a replacement cylinder. What typically happens is that the cylinder is no longer effective or cannot adjust due to the weight limit being exceeded. Whatever the reason, an office chair gas cylinder repair is fairly easy. Remove the base from the chair, remove the old cylinder and replace with the new one, then reattach the base. It’s as simple as that and requires very few tools.

Arm Pads

Arm pads on your office chair also help you with your posture so you can sit in a more comfortable position. The arm pads of your office chair can sustain the most damage from being pushed into and removed from under the desk. You can easily purchase new arm pads for your chair and replace them yourself. Most arm pads are screwed into the chair, so they can be easily removed and replaced to give your chair a great look.


Most chair casters that are manufactured by office furniture companies come with casters that are designed for low pile carpet or use on a chair mat. If you have tile, laminate or hardwood floors, these casters can end up doing more harm than good, carving into the flooring and creating more damage. If you view chair mats as a bit of an eyesore and want to purchase casters designed for use on hard flooring, they are available and can help to prevent damage.

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