Playschool is the first place where a child is separated from the comfort and secure zone. Therefore, it has to be a place that reminds them of home. Researches done on Play School education have shown that children taught at an early age usually have improved social skills and fewer behavioral problems.

Furthermore,  specialists claim that young children learn better when they get an opportunity to interact with their peers and their parents and teachers. They bloom well in a fun environment. Below are some of the reasons why playschool is important for the development of children:


While some kids easily socialise with others, some are too attached to their parents and refuse to leave their arms even for a few minutes. This behaviour is gradually reduced at playschools by indulging such kids in various entertaining and creative activities so that they can enjoy and stay in school.

Playschool enables kids to mingle with other kids so that they learn to enjoy the company of other children of the same age group. Surrounded by children, kids learn to be happier, hence developing and improving their mental ability and growth. 

Learn While playing

Playschools do not prioritize on providing knowledge to children and evaluating them through exams and tests. The very word ‘playschool’ depicts ‘playing at school’. The kids are taught nursery rhymes and other lessons through fun activities. Thus, with many involving activities around, kids can learn faster and better than during school days.

Preparation For School

Often children exhibit various demanding and fussy attitude while going to school in the initial days. Sending kids to the playschool helps in overcoming such behavior. The first step of playschool is to train kids to face the outside world. Kids sent to playschool often display better results in studies and other activities as against the kids who have never been to a playschool.

Meet Other Parents

Not only kids but parents too benefit from playschools. They receive certain guidelines to enhance their kid’s development process from teachers and counselors. Sending kids to a playschool allows parents to interact with one another and find various innovative ideas for parenting. 

The benefits mentioned above clearly state that playschool is essential for the development of the child. If one is searching for the best playschool in India, many play school franchises in India like Kidzee and Shamrock have pioneered in same. The best part of franchises is that they can be

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