What kind of jewelry is best for moms on Mother’s Day

We[GNN] have received many gifts from our mothers during our growth process, but when we want to choose gifts for our mothers, we are often uncertain. In fact, a piece of jewelry is the best gift we give to our mother. Chinese traditional custom necklace is characterized by classic and versatile, popular in China, and the price range is acceptable to most people.

1 pearl
Why do you mention that your mother will think of pearls? Because pearls are produced in the body and shellfish, and they are formed in the body for many years, just as mothers gave birth to us. Many international celebrities have worn pearl jewelry. They are using their own beauty to interpret the legend of pearls. Pearl diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opal stones, five precious stones, with the name of “Queen” in “Five Emperors” They are also the birthstone of June and the memorial stone of 30th anniversary of marriage. Pearls can be divided into seawater pearls (produced in marine shellfish) and freshwater pearls (produced in freshwater rivers) according to the produced waters; they are mainly divided into white beads, gold beads and black beads according to color, of which white pearls are the most common. The highest usage rate, gold beads and black beads are also good, and have become popular in recent years.

Five reasons for sending mother pearl jewelry on Mother’s Day
Pearl, mother and daughter heart-to-heart jewels, the pearl’s painful gestation process symbolizes the greatness of maternal love; the world only knows the beauty of pearls, but few people know the hardships of maternal brooding! There will be no pearls without mother-of-pearl. Similarly, without our greatest mother, we would not have us, and we would not have this beautiful world. The mother has raised you growth with painstaking efforts, such as pearls, gentle and tender, elegant and subtle. This mother’s day personally put on a string of pearl necklaces for your mother, thanking her for her kindness.

Mother used to be a beautiful woman, and she has the beautiful dreams of women. But she is willing to be mediocre for her children. She never wants to buy “beautiful” things for herself. And the love of once beauty is buried in her heart, selfless dedication to her most beautiful years! Sends a set of pearl jewelry on Mother’s Day, makes hers pearl dream come true, and the time is just right!

Pearls are sleek, elegant, auspicious, and fit very well with women’s life traits. They are jewelry for women. After the women are over forty years old, what they need is a kind of glory, elegant and dignified temperament. The warmth and elegance of the pearls, the atmosphere is not flashy, precious but not unassuming, can properly bring out the elegant taste of the mother.

Pearl has been a valuable traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. Wearing pearls has a health effect on the body. For example, it has a good effect on pharyngitis, insomnia and other problems, and it also has a certain improvement effect on irritability, palpitations, insomnia, etc. of women during menopause. Sending pearl jewelry to your mother will not only increase your mother’s temperament, but also make your mother’s body healthier.

Pearl is the crystallization of life. It has been the Buddha’s Seven Treasures, Taoist and Christian sacred objects, and the royal mascot since ancient times. It is the representative of the “singular treasures”. It is the stone of Kangshou, meaning auspicious wealth, happiness and well-being, complete and harmonious. People believe that wearing pearl jewelry can bring auspiciousness and happiness to themselves.

2 jade
The broad categories of jade include: Hetian jade, jade, agate, chalcedony and so on. The ancients regarded jade as a treasure, and had the saying that “gold is valuable and jade is priceless”, so giving jade as gift is also a good choice. Many mothers wear a jade costume custom name bracelets. Hetian jade is China’s oldest traditional jade, warm and delicate, white and flawless; emerald is one of the popular jade in China, and has repeatedly made headlines in international auctions. Jade can also be carved into a variety of shapes to express different meanings, such as: Bodhisattva and Buddha statues, peace buckles, leaves, peace and nothing brand.

3 gold and silver
Many mothers still believe that gold and silver are the most valuable, and they are more recognized for gold and silver couple jewelry. Gold and silver jewelry will be engraved with some traditional dragon and phoenix, and other patterns represent auspicious meaning.

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