Top three things successful Forex traders have in common

There is no secret formula for becoming a profitable trader. If you intend to develop yourself as a professional trader, you must work really hard. Without having proper knowledge about the investment industry, you are most likely to lose money in the trading business. Just have a look at the novice traders in Hong Kong. Most of them are placing trades with emotions. They even don’t know the proper way to identify a long term market trend. Do you think such traders can make a profit from this market? You need to follow the successful traders to make a consistent profit. Today we are going to high light the top three things which every successful trader have common. These are –

  1. Proper trading methodology
  2. Control over their emotions
  3. Long term vision

Proper trading methodology

Without having a balanced trading strategy, you can’t make a profit in the Forex market. Some retail traders often buy an expensive trading system from the experienced traders but still, they lose money. You have to understand the fact, every trader is different. You can’t find the quality trades by using other people trading strategy. You have to use the demo account and develop your trading strategy from scratch. Some of you might think creating a trading strategy is a very challenging task. But in reality, this is one of the easiest tasks in the trading business. In fact, you won’t have to risk your real money. Open a demo trading account with a reputed broker and try the different trading technique. Note down your trading mistake and try to fix the issues. Practice hard till you develop a profitable trading system like the pro trader.

Control over their emotions

The successful traders never trade the market with emotions. Even after getting a lucrative bonus offer from the low-end broker, they prefer to trade the market with elite broker Saxo. If you visit  you will understand why the prefer premium trading environment. When you trade the market in an organized platform, the chances are very high you will not make any stupid mistakes.

For instance, a high-end brokerage firm will never offer you extremely high leverage. They know the fact, leverage can dramatically increase the risk factors in trading. Moreover, they have a robust trading platform like SaxoTraderPro where you can easily do an advance market analysis and find the trades. Unless you trade with the professionals, you will never learn to control your emotions. Always remember, no one knows the outcome of any trade. So, be prepared to lose trades on a regular basis. Try to find high-risk reward trade setups so that you can easily cover up the loss.

Long term vision

You must have a long term vision or else you will not succeed in the trading business. The intermediate traders often make a big profit for a few consecutive months but they lose their entire investment with one small mistake. Being a fulltime trader, you must have a long term vision. Set your goals and try to achieve at any cost. Never set any unrealistic goals in the trading business since it will force you to trade with a big risk. The pro traders are happy with 10-12% yearly gain. On the other hand, the novice traders target to make 100% profit. This eventually forces them to take a huge risk in every trade. They don’t have any long term vision and they always want quick profit. You have to remove this idea from your mind and trade the market with proper vision.


Becoming a successful trader is not all hard provided that you follow the proper guidelines. Stop thinking about bigger profits. Your main concern should be on the safety of your trading capital. Try to trade along with the market trend. Keep on learning new things so that you can easily achieve your long term goals. At times, back-test your trading strategy in the demo account to find faults in the system.

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