How Is Classifieds Distinct As Compared To Running Commercials?

How Is Classifieds Distinct

Big company owners can take an initiative of investing big money for advertising campaigns. If you are a small business owner or an individual who wants to run his advertisement campaign on low investment, then Classifieds are best options for you.

These are a type of commercials that are available free of cost. The services of classifieds can be used for promoting your business and services. They can also be used for making general announcements or giving out information to your followers.

How to commercials differ from classifieds?

In a way, classifieds can also be termed as commercials, but they certainly are different as compared to commercials. One of the biggest differences between classifieds and commercials is that commercials are only made for Television promotional events while classifieds are promoted in the online world.

Free classifieds ads online are promotional tools that are very much like commercials but are used online. So, small business owners can thus make use of this feature for advertising their goods and services.

Why are classifieds affordable options?

Commercials have to be telecasted on television network. So the entire process of creating, editing, commercializing and promoting may thus be very expensive. Even in present time, when TV commercials are affordable, still they can involve few hundred or thousand dollars as an investment.

The moment you make your choice of classifieds, the first benefit is that they are available for free. So you just don’t have to invest my money in creating them.

You may not have to invest any money in editing your classified ads. Next if you want to commercialize your advertisement, then you just don’t have to invest any amount of money. Apart from this, you also need to keep in mind that broadcasting your advertisement online can be done for free while over the radio or TV it definitely involves a big amount of money.


Another major advantage when making use of online classifieds is that unlike commercials, classifieds can instantly be telecasted and made available for global audience. The best part is that classifieds are run online and till you have internet access, you can easily promote your services or goods.

When running TV commercials, the ads are limited to your region, zone and country. For international broadcast, you may need to take permission before it can be telecasted. The process of telecasting commercial internationally you may also have to invest big amount of money. Making use of free classifieds ads online certainly is cost effective solutions for anyone.

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