The air conditioner is one of the essential home appliances that are mainly used on hot summer days to cool down the inner temperature of a room and enhance the air ventilation at home. Apart from that, an air conditioner also can remove all the indoor air pollutants and particulates.  Thus air conditioner can be defined as a machine that can control the temperature, humidity, purity as well as motion of the air in an enclosed space or room irrespective of the outside condition. Nowadays, due to global warming air conditioner has become a necessity for every household, and it is no more a luxury. If you know the working of the air conditioner, it will help you in its maintenance and also in easy AC repair. That is why, in this article, we will discuss the working and maintenance of an air conditioner.

Working of an air-conditioner

The air conditioner sucks the warm air of an enclosed space through a grill which is usually located at the base of the machine. There are some chiller pipers in the air conditioner in which a coolant fluid circulates, and it works just like a chiller cabinet in the air conditioner. The warm air that is sucked by the air conditioner flows over this chiller cabinet, and the warm air gets cooled all the extra moisture present in the air are removed by a dehumidifier present in the office. After that, the air flows over a heating element. There is a fan at the top part of the air conditioner which blasts the air through another grill into the enclosed space. Then the heating element will turn down, and the air that re-enters the room gets much more relaxed, and this is how the room cools down gradually.  

During that time, the coolant fluid flows through the chiller pipes, and it picks up the heat of the enclosed space from the air that blows past the pipes and evaporates. It then turns the hotter gas into a cool liquid, and the heat which is there inside the room is carried out to the outside. The air conditioner works like a refrigerator, and the coolant fluid flows through the compressor unit as well as condensing pipes, and then the cool liquid becomes ready to cycle around the loop again and again.

Maintenance and repairing of air conditioner

It is essential to repair the air conditioner every year as annual maintenance of air conditioner can enhance the longevity of the air conditioner. There is a considerable chance that the air conditioner breaks down when you will require it the most during the hot days. That is the reason why it is essential to determine if there are any kinds of unusual sound in the AC, any strange odor or if the air conditioner gets hot and sticky when it runs for some time. Whenever you will find any such kind of troubleshooting or if your air conditioner is not working correctly, you must understand that it is the ideal time to repair AC immediately without any delay. If you neglect in maintenance and repairing of the air conditioner, it will decrease the efficiency of the system.

In most cases, it is seen that when people use to delay in repairing their air conditioner even after observing the malfunctioning of the system it use to take more energy as contaminants build up in the air conditioner and block the airflow. Air conditioner repairing service involves through inspection as well as checking various units of air conditioners such as the condenser, coils, fans, fluids, etc.  The good thing is that you can now get air conditioner expert everywhere and you can even send an application for AC repair online.


 Thus you can observe that an air conditioner is an essential machine which provides you comfort in your life by ensuring a calm, safe, and fresh indoor air in our room. Nowadays, we generally observe that people fall ill frequently in spite of taking good care of their health. One most essential reason for the diseases is the lack of fresh indoor air in our room, which makes you seriously ill. As such, it is vital that you have an air conditioner at your home to keep your family away from all kind of illness. There are many reputed brands of air conditioners available in the market with a variety of price range, and you can purchase as per your choice and budget. But only buying an air conditioner will not solve the issue you have to keep your air condition at right condition so that you can get comfort at the time of necessity. Thus it is always recommended to go to the authorized AC repair center if you find any problems in your air conditioner.