Here Is What You Must Know Before ERP Implementation…

ERP Implementation

Various ERP software are being deployed actively by every company with a hope to see their profits skyrocketing by getting better at management. However, when businesses start seeking ERP software companies in India for their business and finally end up investing in one, they get a reality check. Many times, the ERP software implementation fails. Now, there can be various reasons for the failure or not so successful implementation. Did something went wrong from your end or the ERP vendor is at fault? Read this blog to know who it is. Even if you are planning to get an ERP for your business, you should read this blog so that you know if you are not about to make any of these implementation mistakes. Let us start now!

  1. The employees are not willing to accept the change-Many times employees are not ready to accept the change. They like to stick to the technology they are already using and resist to participate in the change. In such a scenario, even if everything is done right, no ERP software companies in India will be able to deliver the results. ERP is made to be used by the employees if they won’t be willing to adopt it, it can leave everything stagnant. So, make sure the training and counseling of employees are being done.
  2. Pre-configured solutions can’t solve all of the challenges of ERP-You may have read about ERP software best practices and are keen to buy a pre-configured basic ERP from any of the ERP software companies in India; but, it can leave you disappointed. ERP cannot deliver the best results until and unless ERP is customized according to your industry type and challenges that you are looking to mitigate. So, make sure you have a list of challenges, and expectations in mind so that the right solution is implemented by the vendor.
  3. If your operations and your ERP system are not aligned, it’s probably not the software’s fault-It is very important to have a blueprint in hand. If you would not have a list of challenges that you are facing while performing so and so business function, you cannot blame the ERP software company for implementing the wrong solution. There are high chances that the vendor has customized the solution after understanding your business challenges. So, make sure you tell all the challenges you face while managing and executing various business operations.
  4. You don’t need to implement ERP all at once-Instead of getting the whole solution implemented all at once, you should try to get the implementation done one by one. First of all, get one business function automated. Determine what it lacks, how it can be improved. Also, if everything seems to be perfect get it implemented company-wide.

In short, the success of ERP implementation is decided way before its implementation. So, make sure ERP software companies in India are analyzed by you carefully, you have told them your challenges clearly and the employees are ready to accept the change. If any of these three things will not be in place, the failure of implementation is bound to happen.

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