Vladimir Sloutsker calls to eliminate anti-Semitism

It is great that modern society tries to actively fight any manifestations of hatred, but there are no positive results yet. This acute problem also applies to anti-Semitism, which has only increased in recent years. There is a worsening in the situation even in the EU countries, where the number of anti-Semitic acts increases every year. For example, only in Britain, there were more than 750 attacks against Jewish people in the last six month. It is also scary that their number increases, which causes fear among the peaceful population.

Vladimir Sloutsker, the head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, suggests a comprehensive solution for this issue. He emphasizes that we need to fight not only anti-Semitism but also all manifestations of hatred that are directed against minorities. It is important to unite and take measures to prevent people from suffering from violent attacks. Moreover, we must focus on eliminating such attacks, and not just on reducing their number.

The Israeli-Jewish Congress has long recommended that Europe adopt a strait definition of the concept of “anti-Semitism”. The adoption of it will allow starting an effective fight against the phenomenon. Britain has already successfully done that. Their definition explains that the manifestation of anti-Semitism is not only a violent attack itself, but it is also attacks on Zionism, as well as the delegitimization of Israel. Congress encourages other countries to follow the example of the UK and to adopt a clear definition of anti-Semitism.

Another important part of the fight against anti-Semitism is a proper informational strategy. In the modern world, it is super important as the majority of information is being spread through social networks. Therefore their role cannot be neglected. Our social networks are not just delivering news today. They have become a place for spreading hatred and insensitive opinions against national minorities. And anti-Semitism is actively spreading among them. Despite this, social networks can still be used in the opposite direction. They can be a great tool for combating hate phenomena in society. It is important to attract more famous people and big technology companies to support the anti-hatred and anti-discrimination campaign. We need to start eradication of online hatred, giving the young generation a chance to understand the consequences of such violent actions.

Another important area of the anti-hatred campaign is proper education. It is essential to explain to young people that the attacks against national minorities are not okay. We need to talk about the Holocaust, and other terrible examples in world history committed not only against the Jews but also against other nationalities. We need to emphasize that this problem is not exclusively of Jews, but it is something that must concern everyone. No one is ever safe from being discriminated if the phenomenon flourishes in society. Also, young people must understand that such actions of hatred will lead to consequences and punishment. Besides, it is necessary to share the contribution that Jews and other national minorities have made to the world culture and development of European countries. The more positive educational information about the nation and its contribution the young people will learn, the less they will think of making any violent actions at all.

Mr. Sloutsker also emphasizes that co-operation is very important for dealing with the problem of hatred. The politician stresses that not only the Jewish people but also other minorities suffer from such manifestations, and furthermore the whole world. Therefore, we must combine forces with other religious groups and governments and direct them to eliminate hatred from the root.

All countries of the European Union already have a legal framework that allows punishment for hate crimes and discrimination of national minorities. They need to actively engage in the fight against ant take a proactive position. EU governments, which are actively promoting such qualities as tolerance and acceptance, must do everything that it takes to resolve the acute problem.

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