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Are You Considering Appearing For SAT? Then This Could Benefit You.

SAT is a Scholastic Aptitude Test which is conducted for aspiring undergraduate students. The SAT exam is based upon a pencil-paper test, which is meant to evaluate the skills of the candidate. All the courses and topics which were predominant in high school are asked in this exam. If you want to know more about SAT exam contact SAT Coaching in Noida.

SAT examination consists of two sections- Evidence-Based Education and Writing (EBRW) and Mathematics. These sections are further classified into two parts each.

The pattern and type of questions that are asked in an SAT examination are similar to that in high-school. Both of the mentioned sections, EBRW and Maths, are marked on a range of 200 to 800. There is a further of this exam, the Essay section. The essay section is not mandatory for the students, though many reputed colleges tend to make it a compulsion. The range of marks scored in the Essay is 2-8.

The students who would appear for this exam must know that EBRW is a section that offers multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

The subject of Math is divided into two parts:

  • The first section bars you from using calculators to solve the question.
  • The second section allows the use of calculators to solve the questions.

Most of the questions in Math are MCQs, and some of them have blanks which are to be filled with the correct answers, after working the sum out.

The SAT exam is for Three Hours (without Essay) and Three Hours Fifty Minutes long (with Essay).

Key highlights of the SAT exam.

  • The total number of sections in the exam – 4(2 for EBRW and 2 for Mathematics).
  • The total number of questions in the exam – 154
  • The total duration of the exam – 180 minutes.
  • Range of Scores in SAT exam – 400-1600.
  • Medium Language of the Exam – English.
  • Marking of Negation? – NO.
  • Exam Mode of SAT – Paper-Pencil.

While EBRW is a complete option based section. SAT Mathematics could be a bit prickly. Let’s break down the comprising elements of Math, which are known to appear in the exam:

  • The math section has two sub-parts; One with the permission of using a calculator and one without using one.
  • There is a total of 58 questions combining both the sections. And the maximum time allotted is 80 minutes.
  • The ratio of Multiple Choice Questions to Grid-in Questions is 80:20.
  • Math section with calculator has 30 MCQs and eight questions of the Grid pattern.

The topics of Mathematics which are focussed for this exam:

  • Algebra – Almost every variation of a question that deals with algebra and algebraic equations must be within your reach. Algebraic Equations and Solving for the unknown entity are the most common examples.
  • Problem-Solving as well as Interpreting data – Analysing the graphs and application-based problems are expected in SAT.
  • Higher Maths – Complex inequalities and functions are prevalent as well though they are very less in frequency.
  • Area and Volume also engage some of the questions.
  • Coordinate Geometry is yet another topic which carries significant marks in SAT exams.
  • Basic Trigonometry is one of the most crucial parts of mathematics, as most of the solutions are dependent on its application.

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