Usefulness of the Aramex Shipping API Integration

Aramex provides you with a lot of APIs and tools that allow you to smoothly integrate your website with their various applications.

In technical terms, Aramex offers APIs to integrate your system with Aramex backend through Internet.

In simple language, these tools work in the background. In real time, it will take an input (like for example shipment and destination) and give back an output (like for example shipping charges).

Aramex Shipping API Integration helps your ecommerce back office to be more organised and automated. You can connect with many warehouses and generate shipping labels for each of the products you ship. 

Embedding Aramex’s Shipping API

Aramex API integrationis the Application programming interface that is to be implemented in your system.Shipping API will allow your system to communicate directly with their tracking and shipping systems over the internet.

Aramex Shipping API integration provides a wide range of functionalities. This enables your system and applications to integrate with Aramex’s systems directly in an easy and automated way. The APIs are made based on SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) whichprovides a secure channel of communication, as because all web calls are made via secured HTTPS.
Manual will be given through a link to guide the user about the download and installation of the certificate.

Simple and easy to use

When it comes to creating shipments, requesting pickups and other functionalities, they are easily generated by providing very simple and basic information about the consignee, shipper and shipments.


Aramex API integration is flexible for the users in many ways. With detailed shipments information,pickup request can be generated. Shipments can be denoted to a pickup request once the request has been created.

A printing label can be generated within the shipment creation request by simply supplying the Airway bill number to print.

Precision and reliability

When the process of shipment or creation of pickup is done, the information regarding addresses, payment method and more are submitted. So everything goes through a detailed validation process to ensure the correctness of it. In case of errors, detailed description of error messages are provided in the given response.

Main Functionalities of Aramex API integration


  • Creating shipments


It allows you to create shipments by attaching additional documents, generating a label for the created shipment or adding shipments to an existing pickup.


  • Printing labels


It allows you to create shipping labels for an existing shipment. Users can have the report either by a URL to download the PDF file or by a data stream that will be given in the response message.


  • Creating pickups


It allows you to create pickups later by create Shipments function if the pickup is un-assigned or pending.


  • Cancelling pickups


It allows you to cancel an existing pickup if it has not been assigned to a carrier.


  • ScheduleDelivery


It allows you to make or schedule a shipment delivery for a specified date and time.

Thus, the software is able to operate on different brands for different destinations with ease.

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