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Predicting The SEO Trends of 2020

Search engine optimization trends are changing every passing year. Some trends remain, but there is always a new change. Similarly, 2020 won’t be surprising. You will find that the usage of complex website design is fading away. It is time to embrace the new SEO Trends!

Here’s a quick post about the prediction of SEO trends of 2020. The criteria of search engine ranking keeps changing and is not AS transparent. What are we going to see in the year 2020? Let’s find out!

Prediction of New SEO Trends in 2020

There will be new changes and you must be accept change as it is the part and parcel of the internet world.

1. Voice Search Will Become A Trend

Voice search is still a part of most of the android phones, but people seldom use it. However, in the year 2020, people will start giving signals to Google through their voice. No more typing! Since everyone is embracing digital accessibility, voice search will be useful for people with disabilities.

What would YOU need to do?

  • Use more phrases instead of using too many keywords.

Phrases are longer and more complicated. You would need to hire the right technical team to work on this.

2. Optimizing Website For Mobile Devices

The site should load fast because most of the users will be opening it on their phones. Whenever a visitor wants to search for something, they open their mobile and visit Google. Even if you are on the first page of the search engine, the site should be easy to load.

Important tip: SEO experts have mentioned the importance of using a simple web design. There are basic rules of SEO for web designers as well. Simple designs load faster!

3. Content is king

The content on your website should be grammatically correct. Also, it should be informative. They say that content is king, and we believe that the visitors are looking for quality content. They are not visiting your website to admire the web design or clap for the work you have done. They want real and informative content! Be the problem solver for them.

4. Including Video Content

Add videos to your website that are helpful. Explainer videos will become popular in the year 2020. For example, a hotel launches their official website. The pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the rooms are! By adding videos of each room category, you are giving a visual tour to the prospective visitors/travelers.

Embrace The Newest SEO Trends

2020 does not come with a lot of surprises. The technical experts are already working on the above-mentioned aspects. Always provide unique and informative content. Make sure the site is easy to load and navigate.

Most importantly, make the user experience positive and rich! Embrace the newest trends and be ahead in the game.

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