ArticleWhy The Brain Loves Practice

Why The Brain Loves Practice

As we all know, knowledge is of no use unless one puts it into practice. Knowing how to do something doesn’t mean one can do it. The theory is the knowledge; practice is the doing. 

When a person improves in something, they become more competent. Being able to do something boosts self-confidence. If the student practices Accounts, for instance, and does well in a test, their confidence improves.

Their confidence creates an eagerness and their desire to learn more challenging principles may increase. In the classroom environment, the teacher provides the right learning environment for kids to program their brains to form the correct path through deliberate practice. When the student is challenged with a new topic, their mind will follow the built highway, and it becomes easier to practice the new concept until they grasp it.

The habits and skills kids form during childhood may determine their success as adults. For example, a child that practice self-control as a kid will be able to know how to handle emotionally tough situations as an adult. Self-control will help them come up with solutions instead of being nervous by the situation.

Kids who do not practice throughout the year may do well in a test, but eventually, they forget most of the content they tried to learn in a short time. Kids who practiced until they mastered the material, however, retained the information long after exams as well. Few more benefits of practicing are:

  • Students have a positive attitude towards the content learned.
  • Increase in long-term retention.
  • With the right motivation, students will practice. 
  • High-ability students practice without needing a reward while lower ability achievers generally motivate with rewards.

All of the above points are important for students to grow, learn and be successful in whatever they take up. But, the question is, whether students are interested in practicing? Do schools focus on deliberate practice? Do schools try different ways to keep students engaged in exercising?

Schools and teachers are focusing on improving learning, but very few are working towards making sure that students take up the deliberate practice. One of the schools that focus on practise and overall development is Mount Litera School International (MLSI).

MLSI is one of the best international schools in Mumbai which focus on providing students with a comfortable and secure environment for social and academic development. The school considers each child as an individual. They help students to deal with problems of the real world to prepare them for a better future. The school instil a feeling of love, care, and respect for the whole community in students.

They engage students in many sports like table tennis, chess, basketball, cricket, martial arts, taekwondo, badminton, to name a few. Moreover, they engage their students in various creative activities like robotics, pottery, capoeira, kathak, digital art, ballet, music, and many more, through after-school programs.

Many cultural events and exhibitions are arranged to enhance traditional values in the students. Doubtlessly, it is one of the best international schools due to the unique mission and vision they follow.

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