GeneralWhat You Want in a Car Speakers System

What You Want in a Car Speakers System

When you get in your car and drive off to work or school or on a road trip, does the music help you to be transported to another place?

Music can provide a lift in spirits and having the right audio quality can make a difference in how you hear it. What you need is the right Car Speakers System to give you the best sound quality and make it feel like the music is being performed right there in front of you.

What you want from your car speakers is a system that can handle the power needed for the speakers to work at top condition. To get this, you need to know a few things before you purchase.

First, you want to know the types of speakers that are available. You can get full-range speakers that have all of the elements of a speaker system in one. Free-range speakers are a great option if you are replacing the factory speakers in your car and want to have the speakers mounted into the existing space from the factory speaker or if you want to mount them in different locations in your vehicle.

Component speakers help you get the best sound quality. The music sounds more realistic when you use component stereo speakers because it separates certain parts of the speaker like the tweeter and woofer and uses an external crossover that brings the sounds together.

To achieve the best sound quality, you want to know your speakers — the amount of power they can handle and the sensitivity of the speakers. The power handling of the speakers is the amount of power in watts it can handle. In some cases, you may need an external amplifier to power speakers that are closer to the amp’s output. The sensitivity is the amount of sound the speaker can produce when power is applied. A lower sensitivity produces high frequencies.

You also want to consider the materials that a car speakers system is made of. The speaker material is very important to both the sound quality and durability of the speaker. The woofer is typically made of lightweight materials and can have a rubber surrounding on the speaker to help produce better bass sound. Tweeters are often made of a softer material like silk or textile blends for much richer sound quality. There are also tweeters that have more snap to the sound by using materials like graphite that are harder.

While there are many elements of a car speakers system, it is the speakers themselves that deliver the performance. Having a car audio system that delivers a crisp and clear sound can make a big difference in how you experience music when you travel.

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