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Five key business trends to look out for in 2019

For companies incorporating new strategies and implementing new cloud solutions to adapt cost effective storage system are trending.

Why companies turning their ways to new cloud systems and services rendered? The reason is simple company want their data to function properly through existing near them. The big business of cloud was started in 2012 where the market generated to be $100B, which estimate to be doubled in 2017 across $127B and by the end of 2020 it’ll be approximately $500B. This shows how much this whole data storage programming will increase its roots.

Cloud computing has been shifted from its initial stage and development its way to the active digital transformation around the world.

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  1. Hybrid and multi cloud are the norm in 2019. 1
  2. Quantum computing is back with full coverage. 2
  3. Experiencing new customers dimensional purposes. 2
  4. Cloud will fuel next generation technology. 2

Server less architecture is the new emerging trend. 3

What benefit Cloud computing comprise of

You can say cloud computing is ‘a real buzzword’ where it is shifting the way companies work traditionally and the reasons why companies having massive strategic objective to adopt cloud.

  • Cost
  • Global scale
  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Security

As technology evolve every second and each year people influenced by the changes should embrace them equally. Cloud computing technology developed the customer demand on the other hand changes drastically. According to thesis service, there are five trending cloud computing technologies that are making waves for 2019.

1.  Hybrid and multi cloud are the norm in 2019

The cloud computing systems are shifting towards the data setting storage tool for product focus turn into service focus one. The hybrid cloud computing system has become famous lately. As this system approach combined with private and public cloud becomes more integrated model for storage flexibilities, allowing data to transport from both clouds options. It optimised results for infrastructure, security and compliance.

Well, according to homework service it shows, the Hybrid cloud adoption to be 58% and the statistics observe 84% of the enterprise prefer multi-cloud strategies. This means the enterprise usually adopt more than one private and public cloud options. We have seen the hybrid strategies to be is imbalance not with only one private or public adoption. The rate accumulated to be 91% for public cloud solutions and 72% use private cloud solution provider.

It is believe that public cloud solutions are not best fit for all types of solutions. The companies will move towards cloud technology solution according to effectiveness and flexibility on the line.

2.  Quantum computing is back with full coverage

Talking about businesses, the quantum computers will basically be a gold mine for everything related to data assets solutions. It is the system integrated method for encrypting data, forecasting strategies and advance AI capabilities that possibility help business work closely to deliver such elements. The researchers obtaining quantum computers predict to be showing progress in implementing the super powerful system in the IT world.

3.  Experiencing new customers dimensional purposes

Making customer experience exceptional business spread out their dimensions fully just like cloud computing is offering. Basically, companies finding ways on how customers perceive their brand and product. What are the behavior possibilities addressed by customers? This all predictions are done under smart technology in accordance with cloud solutions enhancing the experience of management for customers.

With the help of IOT, AI and machine learning tools one can compute cloud management systems that may change the way business operates. Moreover, it also makes things easier to predict customer’s interaction with the company and analyses how customers will react with the company.

Clouds help companies examine the large amount of data in the real time and calculate those data’s into meaningful customer’s experience data.

4.  Cloud will fuel next generation technology

The cloud is surely the Buzzword heard by every business man. It is said to be the father of all the technology such as AI, machine learning, Edge computing, robot processes automation and IOT. It is the next wave that is bringing companies and customers together within same page.

This effective system is useful for small businesses and 62% of them have already integrated cloud computing as a resourceful tool.  While other 33% are still confused or planning for adopting this technology. The cloud in today’s world is a new innovative technology that is molding new plans and goals, shaping ways of businesses to work. Most importantly, the main point of enterprises to collaborate with cloud technologies to compete with global market is the main mission.

It has been estimated by IDC, 2019 will be the year where IT spending accumulated to be on cloud based solutions calculated to 60% of the infrastructure and 60-70% of software, services and technology to be increased in 2020.

5.  Server less architecture is the new emerging trend

It is frustrating to manage server and multiple data systems in one physical object. However, the technology has brought changes to the cloud computing world there will be no server’s infrastructure presences.

It doesn’t mean servers will be nowhere to be found. However, the platform for such data setting systems to integrate properly without bringing cost, server maintenance build in availabilities and fault tolerance capabilities. In 2019, will be a lot easier for companies to serve their customers inject code and developers examine functionalities related to servers. The vendors, service providers are there for you. For example, the server less features and applications are incorporated by the big fishes who are the service provider. Even though, there are many benefit associated with server less computing. However, the risk involves such as the vendor lock in and the different features and securities are more challenging to adopt.

Some facts about cloud tech world

As you know AWA is the third cloud Market globally. What about the competitors does they require equally share price or market value? Well, the statistics explain the competitor Azure holds 16.8% of global cloud market.

Amazon is doing great with cloud market and has earned 7.6B in 2019 alone. The amazing fact is that Apply pays amazon 30M every month for sending iCloud and apple services to their target audience.

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