World NewsFuture of Cloud Computing - 5 Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2020

Future of Cloud Computing – 5 Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2020

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Do you know of this technology?. 1

Accessorize yourself. 1

A certain degree of freedom at work. 2

Your data is safe with us. 2

Everything operates on software. 2

How does it affect us socially?. 2



Do you know of this technology?

To make this explanation easier, we’ll take the example of “memories” in snapchat. That data is stored online instead of on your mobile device, and while you may choose to change that, it is incredibly convenient for those of us that are too lazy to delete unwanted media and have devices with limited storage. Cloud computing is what enables the storage of data online and through a network of remote servers hosted on the internet, instead of a local server of a personal computer. It can store, process and manage all of this data and its exchange online. Even though the technology is still developing, some predictions have been made about the future of it.

  • You won’t have to worry about not having enough space on your smartphone anymore, because the internet will store most of your data for you.
  • Your data will be processed and managed in a safe way without you having to worry about losing it.

Accessorize yourself

Smart watches and small computers have been around for a while. Cloud computing is a part of this technology. But the most recent development in this category has created wearables for our pets as well! Trackers in the form of collars and leashes, isn’t that convenient? This is a really small part of how this technology could be helpful to us in the upcoming future, because for now, most of its uses aren’t actual uses. It’s all mainly for fun, providing solutions to issues that aren’t too significant and can be found alternatives for.

  • Track your pets through wearable accessories that you can put on them!
  • Smart watches are only the beginning.

A certain degree of freedom at work

In workplaces, mobility is a great issue. With enough collaboration, there will come a time when employees will be able to work wherever they want and whenever they want, just as long as they’re still doing their job. Keeping track of them will become much easier and that will enable people to be more productive with their time, or for some people, it will mean much greater ease with maintaining jobs with something else they might be doing, for example, their studies.

  • It will save us a great deal of time.
  • Increase in productivity in businesses and other workplaces.

Your data is safe with us

With every new technology that is being developed, the first thing focused on is how it can help improve data security. It’s incredibly common for important data to be misplaced. Another problem is protecting the connections of devices to their respective networks. Decreasing security in certain aspects just to implement it better where it’s actually needed isn’t exactly the best idea, seeing as you will still be leaving a certain amount of important data exposed, just because it’s slightly less important. Some of the technologies involved are as follows

  • hardware encryption
  • biometric data for login purposes
  • remote security management

Keeping all services functioning as best as they can will require tech consulting and specialists. All important information will be located on cloud computing services.

Everything operates on software

Have you noticed how everything is becoming more and more virtual? All that we use on our gadgets and devices these days operates on specialized software. There are predictions that in the near future, everything will be operated through Smart applications. This is a revolutionary new method for businesses to operate more efficiently, and the ones that won’t hop on this particular bandwagon might not be able to survive out in the very competitive world. From cab services to security in banks and hospitals, everything runs on software, which makes it a huge (and still growing) part of our lives.

How does it affect us socially?

Social media is probably the greatest part of most of our lives. Cloud computing could automize the way we use social media, in a way that characteristics that currently only exist in apps like Facebook and Twitter could be implemented elsewhere. Automatic ways to complete tasks that have been assigned to a certain software and given a particular time will become possible.

Basically, this means that cloud computing servers will begin to look a bit like social media, and vice versa. The database of social media will be made to look like a storage server, allowing developers to be free of the duty to provide hardware to perform certain tasks. The aforementioned hardware includes things like a server, storage and switch. This will all be possible inside of the software or the cloud computing service. The software will make it happen on its own, without requiring any external influence.

  • Most of the storage work will be done automatically without developers having to create hardware to go with it for this particular purpose.
  • Easy and hassle-free access to all of your data will be possible.


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