GeneralDoublestar Products for Sale that will Impress

Doublestar Products for Sale that will Impress

Few companies have evolved to offer such a complete tactical line as Doublestar Corporation. Based in Winchester, Kentucky, Doublestar had its origins creating and selling black rifle parts to shooters of all sorts. Eventually, Doublestar crafted an entire line of tactical gear from rifles to sidearms to accessory components and knives that have elevated the versatility and customizability of tactical gear to a new level. As those in all tactical applications from law enforcement to three gun competition know well from practice and experience, the utility of a piece, a weapon, tool or otherwise, lies in its versatility, adaptability, and ergonomics. Those categories Doublestar has cornered well.

On top of a full line of tactical blades and components to complete the package that Doublestar excels at providing sit their peerless arms. Rifles such as the DSC 102 perfect that image and effect. Chambered in the extremely versatile 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington, this gun sports a cartridge that can perform as a hunting arm for varmint and predators, but will be equally at home shooting in competitions or for defense. Bringing the other specifics of the gun into the conversation leaves little doubt.

This rifle has a front sight tower and a 1:9 rate of twist, excellent provision of accuracy for the fast burning propellants frequently factory provided for the .223 as well as used by handloaders. Moreover, this gun is light, fast, and compact – it weighs just over six pounds and rounds itself out at 36 inches overall. Not the shortest carbine, but a good middle ground between the need for fluid movements provided by barrel length and the need for quick target acquisition that is the realm of the carbine. It is the consummate tactical rifle.

That is not to say, however, that Doublestar has ever rested on its laurels. It provides a suite of such testaments to excellence. Similar and equally capable but with slightly different specifications is the Doublestar DSC Modern Designated Marksman. Also chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223, this gun is intended for similar competitive and sporting uses as the aforementioned but with different specifications.

It carries a 16-inch barrel and a Hogue pistol grip and Magpul ACS stock but most important are its flash suppressor and free-floating 15-inch rail. The rail enables this rifle to take on an entire host of accessories from red dot sights to scopes to tactical lights. With such freedom of customization, this rifle can occupy nearly any niche in an arsenal that calls for a semi-automatic rifle in this caliber.

Seeking Doublestar Products For Sale is tantamount to a search for quality, and hard to rival quality at that. Alongside the rifles aforementioned, Doublestar is a peerless provider of pistols, blades, and just about any accessory component that a shooter could need. In fact, among its rails, grips, stocks, barrels, receivers, uppers and lowers and hardware, a savvy shooter could just about do an entirely custom build all of their own relying just on Doublestar products.

Therefore, searching for Doublestar products for sale is a foregone conclusion. What remains is to find a reputable provider, and fortunately, that is just as easy a selection as Doublestar in the first place. G4G Guns has been gradually growing into the premier niche of an outdoor outfitter, offering a suite of gear that any outdoorsman could or would need.

When you’re looking for Doublestar products, you’ll find the arms and the hardware you need and more at In fact, not only will you find the Doublestar products you need, you can trust in G4G Guns to outfit you with all of the tackle and campcraft you use as well. It’s an easy decision to make – so head to today.

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