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7 Best Open Source and Free E-Commerce Platforms for 2019

Setting up an e-commerce platform may be your dream. Moreover, the cost needed to turn that dream to reality may have terrified you. That is not the end of your dream of becoming a successful businessperson. 

Free Platforms are praiseworthy and in no way are those less than a paid platform. Here you won’t be required to spend a fortune but avail the best of services. Learn about 7 best open source and free e-commerce platforms and choose the best.

Pick the Best Out of Seven

  • WooCommerce

This is a part of WordPress. It is a plugin offered by the same. All you would be needed to do is to install WordPress and then install the plugin. Moreover, you are good to go. The best part is not any of these though. By the time you install WooCommerce, your site will automatically turn into an e-commerce one.  All the necessary changes will be done by it. It will also introduce shopping coupons and things to the website, all at zero cost! You will also get access to PayPal and Stripe as a part of this as well. They even offer videos, which will guide you through the whole process of installing and setting up the website. Keep the content ready, as it is the only thing left for you to do. 

  • X-Cart

This is a self-host website. Pay an amount of $495 once and get access to the premium version of X-Cart with multiple options and services. You are free to choose from a wide range of options put forward by X-Cart. Multiple currency system is an important highlight of this e-commerce platform. For the past few years, X-Cart has been reigning over other ecommerce development companies. The payment may vary according to the package you choose. Business, Multivendor, and Ultimate are the three packages offered by X-Cart.

  • Zen Cart

It is not necessary for every entrepreneur to have knowledge about the technical aspects of a website or its development. But they may not be able to afford a development expert either. For them, Zen Cart is the ultimate stop. You don’t need any type of technical knowledge to set up a website here. Zen Cart assures 100% security and protection of data. They also have a mailing system with which you can contact customers. It is multilingual.

  • Magneto Open Source

If you want your website to be your piece of art, then you have come to the right spot. Build your website without seeking any help from anybody. If you want more options, you can switch onto a paid account anytime you wish. It also makes communication possible between you and the customer. You can always inform them about new arrivals or anything you think they should know. 

  • Presta Shop

Beauty is the word to describe the website templates offered by Presta Shop. They can give you a charming website, which is easy to use and smart at the same time. it is multilingual and supports nearly 75 languages. Your business should know no bounds! Moreover, what more? You can also get designs and templates designed by the top-notch designers.  Most USA based e-commerce development companies prefer this one.

  • Jigo Shop

It is user-friendly and smart. It is set up in the most basic format, which can be understood and used by any. You can watch a demo version of the platform before you download it. If you feel like you are missing something, then you can download and install plugins as you wish. 

  • Drupal Commerce

It is the most popular of all. It exhibits better performance and is faster as well. You can set up product tutorials with the help of the online community. Watch the video and install the platform easily. 


Compare the services and choose the best. The best open sources are available. Do choose accordingly. In case, you running confused then discuss with the best e-commerce development companies.

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