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At The Front Has Trench Boots Every Bit As Tough As the Originals

If you’re in the market for period reproduction field gear it can be very difficult to find the right balance between quality and authenticity. That balance, ideally, is no compromise between period accuracy and absolutely rugged quality. Unfortunately, many reproducers and traders in paraphernalia either offer a fairly accurate reproduction at nowhere near the quality and dependability of the original, or they offer you a fairly decent piece of equipment but with detail to the original lacking. However, At The Front cuts no such corners whatsoever. When you’re looking for Trench Boots that are completely faithful to the original issue down to the most minute of details but are also every ounce as dependable, you know to head right over to At The Front.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for reproduction American or German trench boots, At The Front manufacturers and sells a wide array of options so faithful to the originals it is difficult if not impossible for the unpracticed eye to discern them. Best of all, regardless of your preference the footwear from At The Front is field ready and will not disappoint when put to the grindstone. Your interests may be in reenactment, shooting, camping or even just collecting, but whatever your intended purposes for the trench boots from At The Front, they will shine.

A prime example of the perfect marriage between their quality and attention to detail are their Combat Service Boots. In terms of reproduction quality, At The Front has taken the utmost care to ensure that the dimensions of the boots were reproduced exactly as in the original. Even the length of the laces is a perfect match to the original double buckle boots. As for their quality, that nearly speaks for itself. Several aspects of the boot that were reproduced according to the original serve not only to ensure period authenticity but also add durability. That makes it little surprise as to why the boots were manufactured exactly as they were. Features such as a canvas lining (instead of felt) increase the longevity and resistance of the boots to wear. Welted soles, heavy-duty buckles and water-resistant treatment all come together to make these reproductions as dependable in the field as the originals were meant to be. Regardless of whether or not you intend to make them part of a display or partake in a reenactment in adverse conditions, these boots will serve you as steadfastly as they did our American troops in World War II.

Another excellent example of At The Front’s dedication to perfection is their Cap Toe Roughout Service Shoes. These have been designed and created to match the originals almost perfectly with only minor cosmetic changes. Down to the eyelets, laces and stitch patterns, these shoes are nearly indistinguishable from their progenitors. As with their Combat Service Boots, the Cap Toe Roughout Service Shoes will shine whether destined for a collection or for field use.

If you come to At The Front looking for trench boots, you’ll have these and other American and German reproductions to choose from, all entirely manufactured to the same specs as the originals to ensure authenticity as well as dependability. Among their other reproduction boots are their Corcoran Jump Boots, Texled German Jackboots and Texled German Lowboots, in addition to several other models of service shoes. You can’t go wrong when you come to At The Front for authentic reproductions that also lay claim to an enormous degree of functionality. Head to today and find something new for your collection.

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