Self-defense minded and competitive shooters know that in many ways, quality is imperative on the grounds of failure or success. Not only this but sometimes failure is defined in ways that do not compare to other areas of life. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons that so many shooters trust in Kel-Tec products for defense of life and limb, albeit some others can appreciate their merits at the range or in the shooting sports.

Few manufacturers can lay claim to the laurels that Kel-Tec products carry proudly, and rightly so. Kel-Tec has been the author of and parent to some of the finest firearms available to shooters today and a leader in the industry, creating tactical platforms and accessories that define the market for succeeding generations. So when you’re looking for Kel-Tec Products For Sale, you know that you’re in good hands and can trust in your equipment to bear you safely through your objective, whether that’s survival or a competitive score.

Though it is a newcomer amongst legends like Remington and Winchester, Kel-Tec has definitively graven a name for itself in the iron roster of arms manufacturers. It has done this through the painstaking creation and perfection of multiple suites of handguns, rifles, and shotguns that serve as models for successors.

Models like the Kel-Tec P32 in .32 ACP define these successes for the company. This gun, chambered in the popular and effective .32 ACP and with a capacity of 7+1 is a peerless contender in its weight class, size, and reliability. With an aluminum frame and a total weight of fewer than 9 ounces, and sporting a barrel of fewer than 3 inches, there are few other sidearms that can be this easily concealed and toted.

It takes effectively no room to store and is nearly without competition in close quarters engagement. Moreover, its polymer and aluminum construction is nearly indestructible, so in addition to size, this gun is made to last forever. On the other end of the spectrum, Kel-Tec offers guns like the PLR-22 with the sportsman in mind. Excellent for the pursuit of small game with a handgun, this piece is capable of holding up to 27 rounds and has a slightly longer and heavier barrel for stability on target. For small game hunting where a higher volume of shots would be necessary or simply anticipated, this gun has the market cornered.

For rifle shooters that appreciate a hefty dose of innovation with their sporting goods, Kel-Tec offers platforms like the RFB Forward Ejecting Bullpup. Like other similar rifles, this gun is chambered in the popular and capable .308 Winchester for hard hitting and relatively flat shooting performance downrange, straddling the middle ground between lighter game like deer and heavier game like elk.

What makes the RFB18 so different, however, is the location of its magazine that entirely changes the nature of its carriage and portage. With a loaded mag that sits behind the grip and near to the shoulder of the shooter, the gun’s center of mass is moved rearward to make swinging and target acquisition not only radically different from similar rifles but much faster and easier.

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