The Need For And Types Of Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

People who work with pumps have to a united agreement that mechanical seals for pumps are of great utility and have to be installed. If you want to make sure that your pump is working at its optimum levels. A mechanical seal is of great use because it stops any and all visible leakages. A mechanical seal automatically leaks vapor when the fluid film on the side faces reaches the atmospheric side of the seal faces. However, any leaks that you can actually see will be reduced to a minimum.

mechanical seals for pumps

The modern cartridge seals are of great demand in today’s industry because they do not harm the pump shaft, which means that you will not have to pay a ton of money every time for its repairing. It is definitely advised that you should take help of a professional to deal with the work.

Things to Consider

Before you purchase a mechanical seal, there are few things that have to be kept in mind if you want to find the perfect match. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is whether the material that the seal is made up of is chemically compatible any or all fluids that will be passed or pumped through it. You have to keep a track record about all the solvents and fluids that may be in direct contact with the mechanical seals for pumps.

You also have to make sure that the seal faces are locked together at all times because if the seal faces open it will create a leak and solid particles will be able to penetrate into the pump and make it useless for further use. Good mechanical seals for pumps should keep working until the carbon face has worn away. A seal failure occurs when you see them soiled. This happens mainly is you pump materials that are not chemically compatible with the material of the seal itself.

mechanical seals for pumps

Types Of Mechanical Seals

There are a versatile variety of mechanical seals for pumps, and it is for you to select the one that is most important and convenient for you to use. The types of mechanical seals for pumps include:

  • A pusher seal basically uses a secondary seal that helps it to move axially along the shaft that has contact with the seal faces. This kind of seal is very important as it is resistant to wear and tear and will also not let any solids penetrate into the pump efficiently.
  • A nonpusher seal does not have a secondary seal that has contact with seal faces. Rather they have a secondary seal that remains static at all stages of time. Advantages of nonpusher mechanical seals for pumps is that they can withstand the high and low temperature of the incoming water.
  • Cartridge seals have the mechanical seal that is already mounted on the sleeves. These seals fit directly over the shaft advantage of these seals are that they remove the requirement for getting the exact measurement during installation.
  • Single spring seals are the most common and famous kind of seals that are used. They have a single spring coiled on either the left or right-hand design.
  • Double seals or the dual pressurized seals have to seal faces that are oriented in opposite directions.


While water is one of the most important things we require for sustenance, there has to be made several accommodations, so that the water we get is timely and regular. These simple tools and machines that are required to keep your water running are but they are definitely priceless investments. Choose the correct mechanical seals for pumps today.

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