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Social Solutions – Why Shared Office Space Is On The Rise In The US

Traditional office environments are taking a step back as shared office spaces become increasingly popular in the United States. With the rise of freelance, flexible, and remote work, contemporary workers are searching for the fine balance of structure and flexibility that shared offices provide so well.

However, the reasons why coworking and shared offices are becoming popular cannot be explained by this alone. Numerous testimonials and stories of positive experiences list many tangible and intangible benefits that arise in these working environments. So, what is it about the coworking space that makes it such an attractive option for entrepreneurs and flexible workers from so many industries?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why shared office space is on the rise in the US.

Enhanced Productivity And Motivation

The entrepreneurial and freelance lifestyle can be immensely comfortable. The flexibility inherent in working when and where you want is perfect for some. However, at times this lifestyle can lose its lustre. You may feel disconnected from your peers and you may periodically feel that the meaning of your work is a mystery to you.

Shared office spaces can remedy these feelings and restore a sense of purpose to your working life. Since the people who inhabit coworking spaces come from such diverse industries and backgrounds, working alongside them will give you the impression that you are part of something important. Furthermore, you may find that you are the resident expert on your industry in your coworking space. This can create a stronger sense of meaning behind what you are doing and you will remember why you started your business in the first place.

All-Inclusive Office Infrastructure

One of the biggest hassles as a freelance or flexible worker is to source out standard office equipment to conduct your day-to-day activities. If you work from a café on a regular basis, for example, it can be a pain to walk to your nearest office outlet store to print and photocopy documents multiple times per day. Searching for high-speed and reliable internet connections can also waste valuable time in the life of a freelancer.

With a shared office, you receive the balance of office structure and flexibility that is ideal for this type of lifestyle. By having all the standard office infrastructure in-house, your premium provider can ensure that your work is interrupted by these more mundane everyday tasks. Things like internet access and facilities for faxing and scanning are all readily available for use. Best of all, you will not be expected to shell out fees to repair or maintain this equipment, it is all included in your monthly rate.

Attractive Rental Rates

As a flexible worker, it can be hard to justify spending your business budget on office space that you do not truly need. While you want to be taken seriously by your clientele by having a physical building to run your business from, in many cases, this is not an absolute necessity for operating your business.

With shared office space, you can use the prestigious address of your premium provider on your business documents. This can give your customers a positive impression of your company, while you avoid having to pay the cost of expensive real estate.

Explore A Shared Office Space

The benefits of shared office spaces extend far beyond these benefits. Many of these advantages are intangible, such as the opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues in the shared space or the easier networking opportunities in such environments. Coworking and shared offices are ultimately what you make of them, but as tools for the development of your business, they are essential.

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