Why should you have free job alerts in your inbox? How to make the maximum use of job alerts?


Lakhs of new jobs from leading employers, big and small companies are posted on job portals every day. But it is not always possible to visit these websites on a regular basis and search for jobs of your choice. At the same time, you don’t want to miss out any lucrative job opportunity. So, the best solution for this is to opt for free job alerts in your inbox. Get easily notified of the latest job posts by using this great tool: free job alert.

What is a free job alert?

It is a notification sent through e-mail with information on jobs that are of preference to you. It is a unique set of jobs that match your job profile. Usually, the jobs are picked up as per the specific keywords related to your resume uploaded on the website, as per your experience, skills, qualification, and functional area.

Whether you are searching for certain jobs – for example, any job with the job title “content writer” – or searching for a specific company, for example, any new job that is available at IBM – free job alerts will help you.

Set your own criteria of the job types you are looking for. You don’t have to surf the job portals or company websites on a daily basis. Free job alert is a technical tool that helps in your job search.

Why should you have free job alerts in your inbox?

  • It is a tool that simplifies your job search
  • It keeps you up-dated on new jobs that are of interest to you
  • All new jobs are available in front of you
  • You do not miss out any new job opportunities
  • All relevant jobs are available in your inbox
  • You save time on searching for jobs on the job portals
  • You can create your own job alert as per your own job choice
  • You can create as many free job alerts as possible
  • If you have interest to explore other options beside the regular ones, creating multiple free job alerts is the best option
  • You can create customized free job alerts by job names, by skills, qualifications, locations, company names, and so on

Advantage of being the early candidate

Besides getting the job alerts for jobs of your choice, another most relevant and compelling advantage of free job alerts is that you get the first-look of the new jobs. In other words, when a recruiter makes a new job posting on the job portal, he has to wait for some time for applicants to apply for the jobs. Applications pour in usually after few days. The candidates who apply first get the maximum chances of being chosen and called for the interview. With free job alerts, you are in the benefit of being the first few candidates to apply for the job. You also stand a chance to be one among the viable candidates to be shortlisted and called for the interview. You gain an advantage over your competitors. Thus, to be in the list of early job applications, creating a free job alert is a must.

How to make the maximum use of free job alerts?

To get the most from your free job alerts, here are few tips:

  • Daily alerts: Opt for daily alerts. This way, you are given the chances to know almost all the new job offerings as per your search criteria and you do not miss out on any amazing opportunities.
  • Choose a relevant job alert title: It is advisable to give the free job alert title based on your search criteria. For example, if you are searching for Content Writer positions in Delhi, name your Job Alert “Content Writer jobs in Delhi” instead of something generic.
  • Be specific: Don’t use lot of keywords or multiple keywords in your search criteria. There are chances of getting irrelevant jobs in your Job Alert. So be specific. For example, for content writing jobs, you can use specific keywords like as blog writer, seo writer, article writer, and so on.
  • Multiple job alerts: If you have multiple keywords, try creating multiple free Job Alerts.
  • Specify location: Specifying location in your job alert is always advisable.

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