Unique Things to do in Mallorca far From the Resorts

You are at the Mallorca airport looking at the possible Mallorca airport transfers, and wondering what’s next. Once you figure out how to get away from the airport, typically via a bus or a taxi, you need to ask yourself – how you want to spend your Marollca holiday.

Would you like to spend your days sunbathing and swimming on the beach and partying at night? Otherwise, you can have a different type of vacation, one far from the beaten track followed by most tourists. If you are interested in that, something different, then you might want to check our list of unusual things to do in Mallorca, far from the resorts.

But first of all, rent a car. You will need it to visit a bunch of cool places.

Check out the beaches at the Mondrago National Park

Mallorca has many wonderful beaches, but the ones at the Mondrago National Park have their unique vibe. Since it is a park, there are no hotels and resorts nearby, and it is very popular with locals. The local restaurants serve some of the most authentic dishes on the island, definitely worth the drive.

Visit Calo Des Moro

Anyone that knows Mallorca will tell you that there is no prettier beach than Calo Des Moro. If you want to experience the exceptional beauty of the surrounding landscape, you need to take a hike around the surrounding cliffs. The views are amazing and worth the hike.

Spend some time in Palma

Palma is Mallorca’s capital city and has plenty to offer to curious tourists. You can explore the city on your own or join some of the many local tours. Santa Catalina is one of the most exciting neighborhoods, full of lovely restaurants and a huge indoor market.

Spend a day or two at Cala Figuera

You won’t find any beaches at Cala Figuera as this is a working fisher port. The local restaurants are by any standards memorable as the food they serve is fresh and locally produced. Few small lodging facilities overlook the picturesque pier, which is simply beautiful. Just watching the boats come and go will make you calm and appreciative of everything.

Spend time on the water

The only way to fully appreciate the magnanimous sea is to spend some time on a boat. There are various cruises available for tourists, like a yacht cruise, a boat trip, or a sunset catamaran cruise.

Drive down to Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra beaches are amazing, but the road that leads to the beach is a story on its own and the true highlight. It is one of those roads that you see on postcards and where they shoot promotional videos for new and fancy cars.

Go on a Sea Caving Excursion

A five-hour sea caving excursion is as cool as it sounds. Mallorca’s sea caves are some of the most interesting ones in the world. Spending time will help you see a different side of the island.

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